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Oct 24, 2009
New Orleans, LA
I was having a calzone for dinner tonight when I thought: 'Hey, why doesn't BGW sell these?" Now, we all know they have the Pizza Buffet in Festa Italia that isn't the greatest thing in the world. My concept for La Cucina would be basically a Subway type layout, but with calzone/Italian ingredients. Customers would come through, pick what toppings they want, maybe have different types of dough like gluten free or whole wheat. And the pricing could be as simple as a $7-$10 base price with 5 toppings for free, extra toppings would cost like 90 cents more each, and maybe some premium toppings for another upcharge. After the toppings are on, all they have to do is fold it, bake it, and serve it with a side cup of marinara sauce. Thoughts?
I love it. The pizza buffet is an insult to the park's culinary department and should be eradicated from the park immediately. This is the perfect replacement.

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Now while I like this idea it wouldn't work because calzones take a while to bake. Park food service has to be done at an acceptable speed and a custom calzone bar would be the antithesis to that.
I would be more than willing to wait the 20-25 minutes it takes to bake a calzone... but then again, I'm not usually in a hurry at the park :p Also, I think if you could grab a table and have the food brought out to you by a waiter, people would be more willing to wait... it's at least preferable to just standing in the line until it's ready. Or, they could have some standard calzones prebaked for people to grab and go if they are so inclined.
Alpenghöst said:
Or, they could have some standard calzones prebaked for people to grab and go if they are so inclined.


Well there goes the "custom" concept.
Yeah, why not have a choice? If you don't want to wait and just want a basic calzone, you can get one. If not, you can order one custom and wait a bit for it.
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