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So it might be me but do any of you remember when there where werewolves during Howl-O-Scream in the queue line I remember them scaring the shit out of me
I recently acquired this item I didn't know existed. It has the original ride trailer, entire pre show, an interactive map of the other "thrill" rides at the time (Wolf, Apollo's, Alpine, Nessie, and Pompeii) and a screensaver for PC.


Need to get a USB disc drive to run the screen saver exe and see what it looks like, but other than that this disc was worth nabbing for my collection because of the preshow alone. Never could find a good raw reel of it anywhere, now I have it.
Hey so we finally decided to make that curse of darkastle documentary, if y’all have anything that would be of use. That would be great! There’s already sooo much available about this ride’s development and that makes this so much easier but we are mainly trying to find footage of the queue and Preshow area. Thank you!
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