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Dec 27, 2014
Dark Kastle opened in 2005. In the period of 10 years, it only changed a little bit once. I believe that BGW should take advantage of the 4D technology and make CODK a whole new experience. I personally love this ride, and ride it each time I go to the park. How cool would it be if BGW made CODK like Verbolten with different experiences on each ''tour''? Let's admit it, CODK is mostly a movie and a swinging chair on tracks. The entire ride is pre-programmed with all the moves, effects, films, etc. Well, why not pre-program the ride to 5 different films and effects? Also, the ride's 3 minute running time is a little too short. I think it should be increased to at least 5 minutes. What do you tink?
I personally love DarKastle. The ride doesn't necessarily have to change though, I would like to see it get the upgrade that most dark rides are getting now. Take The Amazing Spider-Man Ride as an example for renovating the ride. Spidey and Transformers blows DarKastle out of the water because the effects are really tight and the new cars and 3-D glasses along with better technology really make the difference.
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The ride definitely needs to be worked on, but maybe not to the extent you are saying. Don't get me wrong, I love the ideas that you have, but that would be a lot of money and time to make happen. I agree with mjm1ahoney3, just an upgrade like spiderman at Universal. With some reworking and maybe some love and care (however much the park has left) and Darkastle could be a reinvigorated, world-class dark ride!
Normally I would agree that any ride stuff would be out of the question but this ride may be an exception. If memory serves, Ent is in charge of this ride and since they seem to not be impacted by the cuts who knows.
First,lets get rid of that weird bird poop like stain on the screen before the "drop". It catches my eye every time.

As far as other changes, i agree that the park should at least upgrade the look of the 4D effects.(i.e. making the characters look real and not so cartoonish) .Also, I miss the spins in the fire place and the ballroom sequence.It added story and didnt include weird chasing on old lady tracks and snake tongues.Maybe some new dialogue so it isnt a bad pun every 5 seconds.
the bird-poop stain is from someone spitting on the screen. I understand that the screens are so delicate and expensive that they should not be touched and if you look to the lower part of all the screens you will see the dust and spit built up though the years
Darkastle needs more integration with sets and props. Aside from the trees, it is very much "Screens" the ride.
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Youhow2 said:
Darkastle needs more integration with sets and props. Aside from the trees, it is very much "Screens" the ride.

Let's not forget the Castle towers around the screens and the library scene.

The primary focus of the ride was the animations interaction with the ride vehicles. So a majority of the budget went to the film itself. Which I personally think is doing its job just fine right now...

I think the surrounding props are fine the way they are, we can't completly overhaul this ride.
One thing I noticed is, when it comes to the big famous 4D ride simulators, they have actual pyrotechnics. What if when Ludwig throws the blue ball of death, it hits a wall and does a pyrotechnical effect?Such as fire or at least flash of light.
Youhow2 said:
Darkastle needs more integration with sets and props. Aside from the trees, it is very much "Screens" the ride.

I think allot of prop work could be done in the first couple of scenes, particularly the hallway sequence and kitchen sequence right before you enter the furnace. There is very little going on in these locations in regards to animation sequences, and perhaps some addition of props would give guests something to look at.

Part of what is so cool about The Haunted Mansion ride is looking at the different props throughout the house and trying to identify and recognize different pieces on every trip.

Obviously these are very different rides, just an observation.
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