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Jun 22, 2013
Tampa, FL
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The description below is a work in progress.

Critter Castaways is located in Bird Gardens, and opened in 2007. [1]

From the park's website:

Come and see a show full of family fun in the Bird Gardens Theatre, studded with stars created when our expert animal trainers turned their attention toward some rescued and shelter animals.

Critter Castaways is a wildly popular, side-splitting show with animal antics that will keep you amazed from beginning to end. It’s a delightful celebration of the connections between humans and animals.

The show is performed daily, with several show times each day. Some of the cast, including a few of the wildlife performers, are available for meet and greet after the show.

The show closed on February 16, 2014 as part of preparations to move to Pantopia as be transformed into a new show, Opening Night Critters.
RE: Critter Castaways (2007 - Present)

Is this similar to More Pet Shenanigans?
RE: Critter Castaways (2007 - Present)

I'd say I enjoyed Critter Castaways more than More Pet Shenanigans. The song at the end is super catchy too. I was humming or singing it the rest of the day. I think they do the same song at SeaWorld or BGW.
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