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Maybe it's because I haven't watched Zachary's passholder appreciation video yet, but I'm imagining Vlad as Joe Flaherty depicting Count Floyd.
Count Vlad English very good! Vlad should expect more from Americans than to be compared to puppet, but understand this is what you refer to as "South" so Vlad was told not to expect much from Americans here. Good thing Vlad real vampire and not Cihuateteo.

Count Vlad is Count Vlad, to suggest he is not is simply ridiculous. I will be emailing your Zachariah and inform him you to be fired from forums.

For all Count Vlad's fans, I share Busch Gardens secret with you. "The Count" from street show is actually real person and not robot. So are Nurses and now Vlad has HR meeting as result. Vlad not happy.
wow you are up very early sir, or is it that you are staying up extremely late? you know I hear that there is another "The Count" over in the Forest of Fun. Maybe you two do show together...
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Count Vlad up early because all staff forced into decorating park. Scott care much about how park looks at event and wants to be very eerie. Plus if not good enough for internets, Vlad have to get up early again next week.

Can King of Chickens not read? I already mention non-robot Count, and Vlad has no desire to degrade self to entertaining people who not understand glorious vision.
What is this? Just because Count Vlad vampire means you list all pop culture vampires? Count Vlad is serious visionary who is kind enough to talk to internet fans of park. You insult my kindness with questions of breakfasts.
Not at all sir. I guess that I didn't realize how serious and visionary you actually are. You must understand that a bar has already been set by your predecessor and we are just accustomed to certain things. Give your adoring audience a little leeway. March on Count Vlad!! You are the man!
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I invited my friends for Friday!

Count Vlad, What do you think of the whole children at HoS issue? Do you think that they belong at the park at night?
King of Chickens: Vlad accept apology. Vlad understand that not everybody sees Vlad's vision at first, but will when they forget old entertainment in park. Scott and Vlad working on great Hollow Scream, part of that will involve lawyer demanding this site remove all references of previous years.

Cody: What is this? Twilight terrible movie.

Kaiser: What is with all royalty here? Are the fowls and baked goods at war? To answer question, Vlad love kids! When I put on show at hotel they get my vision. Their minds not limited by restraint of quality or location. Childrens mind is pure. They are also like Veal, young meat taste better.

Have you ever visited Uberwald in Discworld? I understand the vampires there are all aristocracy and each castle has its own Igor.
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Count Vlad said:
Scott and Vlad working on great Hollow Scream, part of that will involve lawyer demanding this site remove all references of previous years.

"Hollow Screams" sounds like what we are in for this year. I hear the shows will be awesome though. Vlad, you should star in your own show. I hear there is an open stage over in the Land Where Dragons reside. When you are not playing host at the Banquet, your sparkling outfit will be most welcome there. It's a short walk. :)
Nic: Yes, Fiend Igor used to work for Vlad, but left because he want Medical degree. That how Vlad hear of Busch Gardens. Scott liked Vlad's style and that's how I got hotel.

King of Chickens: You expect great Vlad to perform on small stage! You dream so small. I plan on taking over Casket Club for Vlad's one man Abba review.
I think Ulrich would win in a showdown Vlad. I know; Can't you take your stylings to Das Festhaus during the early part of the day in the summer months? Would love to see that.
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