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RE: This is Oktoberfest (1976 to 2011, 2013 to Present)

Count Vlad why you hate TIO so much? I love it and so does practically everyone who's seen it, why can't you just leave it alone?
King of Chicken: Scott pay for outfit, yes. Had you pay attention instead of tweeting, you would know this already, no?

Jrtweentyeight: Show take away from Entwined, much better show. Oktoberfest dull and boring.
Bah! Ulrich has nothing on Count Vlad! He only popular because he has way with ladies and has pet bug! This year, Count Vlad will have all ladies!

SG cart? Oh, golf car that had tinsel last month. No, Count Vlad never got to ride, park had to pawn for fog for machines.
So what can one expect from your feast Vlad? I look forward to meeting you.
By the way, are you related to Ming The Merciless?


Y'all seem to have the same fabulous tailor!!
Kaiser: While Cont Vlad does not acknowledge authority, Count Vlad very excited for London Rocks! Expect experience unlike any other since this year Entwined. Count Vlad does suggest some sort of breathing mask for confetti, very difficult to remove paper from lungs.

King of Chicken: Count Vlad not know this Ming, Busch Gardens Texas close long ago. Outfit look okay, but not dark enough. My outfit tailored to say, "Count Vlad evil, but Count Vlad not cheap."
What do you think of the Demon DJ, Count? He's from GWAR, right?

Have you ever tried a bacon-wrapped pork shank? I hear they are bangin'!!
Why people think Leonard from GWAR? Yes, GWAR popular because local, not everybody with bad skin and wings from GWAR and that very judgmental. Leonard actually local radio DJ before horrible accident. He broke wings going down Vanishing Point and that why you see metal bar. Scott very kind to hire Leonard in such condition and even let Leonard dress up as Mr. Bowie from Labyrinths.

Count Vlad no eat pork, smoked turkey much better for count Vlad and doesn't run out.
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