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Wow. This maze was the most staffed, but the actors didn't really do much at all besides the odd startle. We were actually stopped for a little because two actors were chatting. They decided to just let everyone in with no pacing.
Official 2021 description:

The harvest has begun and you are the new crop. Weave through the rows of decaying corn and hope that you can find your way out of this haunted corn maze. The people and creatures that live here are determined to rid their fields of anything they see as a threat and you just made the list.
Loved this one. The actors blend in with the maze so well that they are really hard to spot.
It's also an actual maze. If you're in the front of a group there is a chance you end up in a dead end.
I enjoyed this one. The actors really did blend in and even though it was a bit of a traffic jam when we went through there were still some good jump scares. It was definitely scarier than Grimm Woods. I must be starting to like this stuff a little more as I used to really not enjoy the jump scares at all. Here it was fun. I think it helped that it was outdoors. Also my son played rock paper scissors with several of the monsters which was fun too.
The first 2 weeks they were sending people in smaller groups through the houses/mazes. That was helping a lot with the traffic jams and made CornStalkers an actual maze and gives the actors more time to re-set, resulting in more scares.

Last weekend they seemed to have a continuous stream of people go into all the houses. At least the lines were moving fast due to it though.
Well... Back to my constant complaint that it really sucks for scare actors to not be able to reset, especially when you can easily see their hiding spots.
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When we were there the first weekend, we were at the front of the Fright Lane queue at Condemned (trust me, I do have a point related to CornStalkers here). One of the groups suggested that they just start the night "with a conga line" by opening the door and just letting everyone in. The other grouper, thankfully, shut that down, and told us they are supposed to send people in groups unless/until the crowds and queues get to heavy.

So, I imagine we should expect that the groupers have the option to allow conga lines on busy nights.
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I REALLY wanted to like CornStalkers last night. The house feels completely unchanged to me, but the cast was doing better than I've ever seen before—particularly with relaying unique identities and stories. It's impossible to scare when the house is backed up from entrance to exit, but the cast shifted to storytelling which was really cool to see. For instance, the "mom and dad" were in the barn at the entrance warning people to look out for their kids out in the fields because they can be a little crazy. There was a guy in the shack with the snakes who was complaining that no one would do an adequate job fixing his roof. Lots of little storylines like that come together to make the house way more interesting. Sadly, it just can't be an effective house when you walk a couple feet every thirty seconds and stop for long periods of time between movements. The experience just immediately descends into frustration and annoyance.
I experienced everything you just mentioned but without the stacking. It was so freaking good. The maze felt a bit darker this year which was a nice adjustment as well.
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This was def he scariest maze this year! so good. im not scared of alot of thigs but it was so scary!
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