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Sep 23, 2009
This thread will be used as a location to post information that could help with the editing of articles, or make requests for new articles.

If you see a section is being worked on, please do not add, edit or remove content until you notify the person working on that specific section. Making the Wiki uniform across the board will not only make it look nicer, but make it easier for users to find what they want faster. If you see somebody working a section and you think something was neglected, please PM/Chat them up first before making a change so we can avoid unnecessary edits/removals/etc.. :)

The initial building process for the Wiki COULD be a crazy experience, so I agree with LoveDoc. If you have some info to add to a page that's under construction, go ahead and contact them here in the forums to make sure it's alright to do so. If you want to do the work you can add it to your talk page, or create a sandbox for yourself, so when you get the ok to do the edits, you can just copy and paste information you've compiled.

Your sandbox or talk page is also where you should do any experimenting with formatting that you want.
somebody should get working on the special events like CT, CT is going to take FOREVER, i dont want to be the poor schmuck who has to add that...

no but in all seriousness, i honestly can find no information on HOS earlier than 2006, its like internet wasnt made yet! any info on that would be fantastic!
I'll start working on the HoS history right now. After that I'll be doing Die Wildkatze (something about me loves that coaster).
I've made an adjustment to the Howl-O-Scream section. The main page will just have generic information about the events, and each year should have it's own article rather than be listed on the main page.
I'm thinking about doing LNM and maybe putting some info into DarKastle and some of the flats.
I'm done trying to do the HoS history. I wasn't there for most of them and is not the easiest of services to use. If someone else wants to try, here is a good place to start.

Writing Die Wildkatze now.
I'd personally like to see it subdivided by decade. 1970s, 1980s, 19990, 2000s, 2010 - that way, from the top of the page, if you know the basic "era" of what you're looking for, you'll be able to divide there instead of scrolling through the long list (which was now doubled in size).

Just my two copper. :)
That would probably be best but I'd better let Chris do that. I think I've changed enough for today & I wouldn't want to mess anything up. :s

EDIT: Just saw that the main page says that is the Basic Timeline. Is there a non-basic timeline? If so, it'd be even better to just have super basic info (coaster, ride, and area openings and closings) on the main page and then have a full timeline on another page. There was a lot I wanted to add but I didn't want to make it even longer than it is now. This non-basic timeline could be divided by decade as suggested by LoveDoc above. Thoughts?
See edit made to post above.

LoveDoc, I imagine mine is almost as bad as yours right about now...
Yeah, see - I would divide that as ...


Then when those are clicked, they'll link to another page of information while the main "Timeline" would link to basic information and the decade timeline. Just seems cleaner to me, but as you said, I'll/we'll let Chris handle that one,he's the one that put it there. ;)

It just seems a bit .. "loooonnggggg" to have what's there now in that format. :-/
An in-depth timeline isn't a bad idea. Swift, go ahead and create a new page called something like "Full Timeline" and we can work out how we can link it to the main page.
I didn't put a ton into it but hopefully there is enough for you all to get the format. Here you go:

Also, here is a list of what is currently on the homepage. I'm posting that because most of those will be removed to make the list shorter.
Hmm, in my opinion, I'd think it'd look better without all the individual years in that menu context. That just makes the box even longer. Is somebody wants to look up something from 1979, they can just click '1970s' and look at the page. I just don't think there's nearly enough itemization to warrant a context menu for each individual year. Most of the decades don't even require scrolling the page at any time.

I dunno, just my thoughts. You know me. I'll shut up now. :s
Yeah, it may be best to have the decades be listed in the menu up top and just have the specific years be in bold text.
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