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I shared this with my wife and I kid you not, she said we should buy one... she changed her tune when she saw the asking price of 400k for the carousel...

I lived in that area for 2 years, went past that coaster every day on my way to work. Knowing what kinda people are out there, $50 says the construction workers were trying to catch the ride on fire to save money, then had to call the FD when things got out of hand.

One of those things that contractors and property owners do with historic buildings and such. If they feel it's easier to get rid of it than attempt to dance around the red tape it's only natural a fire happens that compromises the building or structure in question. Don't know in what world they could say a "controlled" burning could get that far out of hand to burn down most of the lift structure, having seen controlled burns being performed literally in my backyard for over 20 years.
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