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Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
This maze has been tweaked again with a third name. Unlike its predecessor, there are no flashlights. The story seems to be the same, however.

Official description (2021)
The rumors have been floating around since the 50’s – of a wedding at Darkside Manor that ended in the disappearance of the entire wedding party. After this horrific event, the property was sealed, forgotten and the events of the day quickly turned into a legend. Recently a few local teenagers out exploring rediscovered the haunted house.

They reported hearing strange sounds and made claims that could only be described as supernatural. As their stories about the property spread around the community, a group of local paranormal investigators decided to see if the reports were true. Everyone agrees that something is odd about the Inn, but we need you on the team to help solve the mystery of what happened to the poor souls that checked in but never checked out of Darkside Manor.
KD's indoor houses have fully-decorated ceilings. BGW's are open to the event building.
Parts of Condemned does have open ceilings where you can see through to what is left of the supports to Day's of Thunders seating. But it's not very noticeable.
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This house was INCREDIBLE last night. Top notch cast in a top notch house. Each actor I encountered was playing a distinct character contributing to the overarching story of the house while effectively scaring, stalking, intimidating, etc. This was a house firing on all cylinders on its very first night. Easily the best house of the night for me. Wildly impressive. 10/10. Best I've ever seen Condemned and probably one of the 10 best house experiences I've ever had a regional park. Legitimately fantastic.

If I had to pick one gripe, it would be that some of the new lighting feels a little out of place—I think it feels too static and "modern" given the theme of the house. That said, this is such a minor criticism that it's hardly worth noting when the house is performing like it was last night. Just TREMENDOUSLY impressed.
I second Condemned as the best house last night. Crowd control was great with spacing to allow a smooth walk through when I went through and the cast was great. I also love that they keep making changes to it every year it feels fresh and new to me.
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NV: Condemed was the other house I went through on my visit, thanks to a shorter line. As much as I have loved this house in the past, this blew me away. I forgot how it was to go through this without flashlights—totally different. A complete spectacle from entrance to exit with amazing atmosphere and actors truly embodying characters. Love Love Loved it.
Totally agree regarding the Condemned cast. Here on opening night, they were awesome, and all fully into the bride and groom storyline.

As the crowds were so light due to the rain, my wife and I were the only two let in for our group (as there wasn't a single person in line behind us). And in being just the two of us, we were personally confronted by every scare actor - where a couple of them were able to follow/stalk us much deeper than they're usually able to, actively conversing with us the entire way.

So between the (always) great theming, and the cast tonight, glad to see that this maze continues to be so much fun - where I hope the cast keeps it up for the remainder of the season.
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