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Jul 22, 2010
Since the Official list is out I am creating a new thread with facts and discussions on the park listed schedule. It will make it easier for new viewers and potential members to view the schedule in an OP vs. weeding through a predominately speculative one.

List first posted by Newsie here from the park's blog

  • Newsboys - May 6
  • Cobra Starship - May 13
  • Kirk Franklin - May 20
  • Hot Chelle Rae - June 3
  • Chris Tomlin - June 10
  • Kellie Pickler - June 17
  • Third Day - June 24
  • Victoria Justice - August 26
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It looks like they have been trying to appeal to a younger group within the past year. They have had more recognizable (among younger people) artists. No offense to those who may not have heard of any of the artists. Only two names jumped out at me personally, but after looking up another, I did enjoy their type of music, so at least three artists this year are already looking good to me.
Personally, I really was hoping to see another retro/older group in the line-up..for now I have no interest in any of them
Well it seems the park has been steering away from the oldies. I think this year, all the artists are actually pretty recent. Last year they had like one or two oldie artists. This could actually be good. It could mean the park is trying to attract that younger crowd, like how in Tampa, BGT has had some pretty big names. I think within the next year or two, we will be getting some big and recent names. I think Hot Chelle Rae is the most recently interesting artist that is geared specifically to a older teen group. I can't remember another artist geared towards an older teen group within the past few years. However, I heard the Black-Eyed Peas played a concert at the park awhile ago.
Didn't Cobra Starship just perform at the super bowl? I don't mind those guys. Didn't they do that 'make them good girls go bad' song?
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Wow this lineup is all sorts of pop star. Hot Chelle Rae also did the super bowl. I know some of their songs, but didn't know their name. And this Victoria girl was the one that tried to fight iCarly? And this Kellie Pickler was on American Idol. Cool stuff.
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It's good to see that the park is bringing in a good mix of artists and groups in each year. But, to me there is no one that they listed that I have listened too, since I mainly listen to classic rock.
Park getting away from oldies? No, they have no reason to as they are huge hits. I bet it has a bit more to do with the failing health of oldies stars and deaths.
Why would they spend more money bringing quality groups when they can fill up quicker bringing *insert current popular girl on Nick* instead?
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I was lucky enough to ride Apollo's with Emily Osment... TWICE. I will take certain tween stars, but outside of Emma Roberts, Nick doesn't have anything. The best concert I have seen at the park was Drifters, Coasters, and Platters in the early 00's. Second to that would be Diamond Rio!
Used to get big names:,2211203
Chris said:
Used to get big names:,2211203

What I would give to see him live again.

Testing about my PM with this reply, also.
They had James Brown there once in the 80's as well.,2376164
I'm glad they stepped away from the oldies... Something I've been saying they should do for years... Not a bad Idea to stick one or two in, but literally they're musical selections have typically alienated males in the past, except those who listen to oldies...

This line up is still a bit too "bubble-gum" for my specific taste, but generally the acts they have bought should do extremely well.

Only thing I can say about this line up is that they should try to book some different genres. Cobra Starship and Hot Chelle Rae are going to cater to the exact same demographic... Victoria Justice will handle the tween girl crowd, then you got one country star and FOUR Gospel Stars. So ultimately over 8 concert dates you cater to only four genre followings... That list could be alot more diverse. I'd drop Hot Chelle Rae for a band like Queens of the Stone Age who will have broader appeal across a wider age group. Still the most diverse list in recent memory. Not complaining.

I can already hear the people complaining about Cobra Starship and Hot Chelle Rae not being "Busch friendly" though...
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Youhow2 said:
I can already hear the people complaining about Cobra Starship and Hot Chelle Rae not being "Busch friendly" though...

I for one love the oldies playing there. With how big of a hit they have been there I am willing to bet that is has more to do with the failing health and deaths in the last touring, true oldies groups.

On the note of not "Busch friendly," look up how the Kesha concert went at Downtown Disney in April.
They usually have a concert around the beginning of September don't they. I also recall that being when the older groups are at the park. Hope another date is added along with a group for us of an older generation.
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