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Dec 23, 2011
thought we should start this up since someone already found the first act scheduled.

may 6th - the city harmonic (glory at the gardens series)
RE: Concerts 2012

I am designating this post as the Concert Schedule post, I'll update it with the latest news I hear.

Glory at the Gardens - Sundays May 6 & 20, June 10 & 24
Busch Gardens Live Concert Series - Sundays May 13, June 3 & 17, August 26
Total: 8 scheduled concert days

The Line-Up:
Glory at the Gardens
* May 6 - The City Harmonic, Newsboys, and Anthem Lights
* May 20 - TBA
* June 10 - TBA
* June 24 - TBA
Busch Gardens Live Concert Series
* May 13 - TBA
* June 3 - TBA
* June 17 - TBA
* August 26 - TBA
RE: Concerts 2012

i could see them getting weird al, like i said, i think they are trying to bring in more recognizable names to the 13 - 20 yo. crowd.
RE: Concerts 2012

Btw, wierd al was an answer on who's still standing... The lady dropped because she didn't know him
RE: Concerts 2012

I would definitely go see Weird Al.
Also, does anyone know where the concerts will be this year; Royal Palace or Festhaus Park?
RE: Concerts 2012

With seating additions being made to the Royal Palace theater, I'd say there. No evidence to back that up though.
RE: Concerts 2012

it is extremely likely to be back in the royal palace theater, after all, they still kept the food stands up.
RE: Concerts 2012

Ramp jam is cool and all, but I honestly think they should hold (more) concerts that will appeal to male teens...

I would still love to see a band ala Lacuna Coil in the gardens... Might never happen but I'd love it.

Also some electronic music Dj's and a laser-light show... I'd love to see that too.
RE: Concerts 2012

Its offical the concerts will be at RPT again. I like RPT as a venue better, but I dont like waiting in line most of the day just to get in.

Glory at the Gardens returns this summer to Busch Gardens with a sensational lineup of chart-topping contemporary Christian and Gospel artists. Glory at the Gardens combines the best Christian-inspired performances with the park’s family-friendly atmosphere for a perfect mix of music and adventure. Performances will take place at Busch Gardens’ Royal Palace Theatre May 6, 20, June 10 and 24. As always, all concerts are free for park guests.
RE: Concerts 2012

RPT is actually built for concerts and major shows, whereas FHP is just an open field. If you have the choice to use a good/decent amphitheater over a open field, they obviously show use the amphitheater. It at least offers seating, which can be a major issue for some people, especially since some people need seats and they won't allow you to bring your own in FHP for the fact so many people complained about them.

Also, they have a technical booth, with spotlights, full stage, an actual backstage and everything. It just is much more easier for the park and guests.
RE: Concerts 2012

I'm with Ivy on the seating thing....Really those seats are just terrible. I remember the first time we went into Abbey Stone and my entire family was like wth?
RE: Concerts 2012

They maybe terrible seating, for Abbeystone, I agree new seating is a must. Those seats should only be used for outdoor theaters (RPT) or stadiums for sports or the such. Those seats after all, are basically designed for the outdoors. I think the wooden bench seating they use in the first row or two is what really should be there, they could probably fit more people in there.
RE: Concerts 2012

ivybrit said:
"Also, they have a technical booth, with spotlights, full stage, an actual backstage and everything. It just is much more easier for the park"...

This statement above is null since you have no experience in this realm...
.........................but I do agree with you on the fact that some need seats due to obvious reasons...

What do you mean I have no experience in this realm? I do have experience in technical theater. I have worked on some very interesting technical theater projects and it would be easier to use an already set up stage with lights and sound, technical booth, and spotlights rather than constantly put up and take down a temporary stage and lighting.
RE: Concerts 2012

Please don't say I have no idea. Am curious have you gone on the stage and performed and has it made to perform terribly? I have worked with a terrible stage, the only thing terrible would be it's look. I am going to take a wild guess and say directly underneath the stage is solid concrete so it won't break, so really for someone to get on a stage, sing and dance, and perform well, the stage would have little effect in changing that.

Plus, I am sure it is cheaper to repair the stage than to continuously take down and put up a new one.
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