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Jul 22, 2010


SeaWorld Orlando recently released a new teaser video for their newest expansion, Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin. The video shows off never before seen concept art of the attraction and penguin exhibit.

Opening in Spring 2013, Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin is a voyage to the bottom-of-the-world, to the coldest and windiest continent, to a place of ice more than 9,000-feet thick. Guests will be surrounded by the sights, sounds and encounters found in this frozen place, embarking on a one-of-a-kind ride and an incredible, first-of-its-kind family adventure.

More write-up and art through the link.
pandorazboxx said:
Saw this yesterday. still a little curious about the walking with the penguins part.

Remeber Manta has an exhibit where you don't HAVE to ride the coaster. My guess is that this is somthing similar where you don't HAVE to go on the Darkride to see the penguins.
Some stuff coming in from IAPAA

Looks like they're using a trackless simulator ride system.
@BehindThrills said:
Ride vehicle for Antartica at @seaworld unveiled! Trackless system for the simulator style ride #iaapa

@attractions said:
SeaWorld's Antarctica trackless ride vehicle will allow riders to choose one of two levels of adventure. Guests will waddle and slide along.

@Themepark said:
Just talked with @seaworld's Brian Morrow about Antarctica. You'll be able to choose the intensity of your ride, mild or intense.

A picture of the ride vehicle from Inside the Magic:
@InsideTheMagic said:
Another look at the Empire of the Penguin ride vehicle for Antarctica at @SeaWorld opening in 2013
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Very cool. I guess this is the first trackless darkride in the US? Pooh's Honey Hunt looks fantastic. If SWO is able to get anywhere near that level of quality, this ride will be fantastic.
Bit more detailed post of Antarctica popped up on WDWMagic over the weekend. Goes along exactly with what I have heard throughout the course of it with a ton more elaboration.

Link to post.


How does this sound?

The entrance to the main attraction will be directly under the massive adult and baby penguin facades carved into the rock work. Inside the queue will feature cavern like settings complete with what will appear to be open air penguin habitats. These areas will be glass encased to ensure they stay cold and you stay cool. At the end of the queue their will be the designated zones to be split into.

There are 5 different zones parities will be split into. Each one accomidating 8 guests or two rows of four. This is where you will get your first glimpse using projection technology of our baby penguin who we will follow on our adventure. Each rider will stand on a glowing led circle to signify a spot held to keep ride attendants on task. It can be tricky to split 40 at a time. Once split and we get a basic idea of the character, doors will open and all 5 separated zones will enter into their own Seperate enclosed pre show rooms where their invited on a quest with a baby penguin. Once the doors open your welcomed to the load platform inside of a grand artic inspired cavern.

When the ride starts all 5 ride vehicles will launch within seconds of each other and begin the journey. Each scene will revolve around a different aspect or challenge of a penguins life. The challenge of feeding, extreme weather conditions, total darkness, avoiding predators, and a penguins social life and characteristics. Each scene will brought to life using fully themed sets, hd digital projection and amazing special effects. In keeping with the social characteristics of penguins all 5 ride vehicles will interact with one another along the entire course. So each time you ride the ride vehicle your in will be in a different position within the scene offering you a different perspective. See Winnie the Pooh at Tokyo Disney as it uses the same trackless tech.

Once off the ride you exit into a massive indoor penguin habitat and post show. Once past that you dump into a gift shop. Their will also be a new tour within the attractions animal habitat that you will walk with penguins.
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Thanks for the post but oh man, their, they're, there, your and you're. Sorry, had to get that out.

Ride is looking pretty cool. Kind of reminds me of how they set up Turtle Trek, with following a baby turtle through it's trials and tribulations.
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