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A friend of mine pointed out that standing in long lines for the attractions would be part of the immersive theming, so there would no need to try to design rides with good capacity!

We also realized that the culinary department wouldn't have to try to prepare foods that people would want. They could simply give each guest whatever they had on hand, until supplies unexpectedly ran out.
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Ride ideas!
Long March - Backwards Standing Airtime Coaster:  Just like the original march, it will be long, uncomfortable, and move backwards!  

Escape from the Forbidden City - Dark Ride: Join the Red Party as they search for lost monks and members of the Imperial Family; they need help understanding the importance of their wrong thinking!

Red Party School! - A multimedia theatrical experience:  Watch and experience party approved educational shows in 4D!

Three Gorges Dam - Water ride:  Experience the excitement of the construction of the worlds largest power plant!  Ride in special boats as you voluntarily leave your village just in time for it to be overtaken by the waters of the Yangtze River!
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