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Sep 28, 2009
Ok, here is a new Thread where we can discuss commercials and ads for BGW. Let us start with the new 2010 ad.

Here is the video:

Ok, here is my review of the 2010 ad (be prepared- it is a bit harsh).

Hate to say it and be so critical but... Not a big fan of the teenie-bopper-Hanna-Montana-sounds-like-every-other-song. The song is forgettable like most of the teen music nowadays.

The song should contain the words Busch Gardens within the lyrics. "We Got It" almost sounds like "We understand you." A Better slogan would have been~ "We've Got It All!"

The colors used are a bit monochromatic around the words that splash up on the screen. The bubbles are a bit distracting at times. There should have been more of a push with the new Celtic Fyre show and Europe in the Air Ride as well.

However, the video editing and commercial overall is entertaining. The extreme angle shots are done well; my favorite being the one looking up at a family with the Loch Ness behind it. The slow motion to the fast zoom ins are a nice touch.

Oh, one more thing. I think the commercial missed a great opportunity of using the line "Put your hands up" by not having a shot of a group of people on a coaster (say Apollo's Chariot; eyes wide, smiling and raising their arms in the air; then cut to an angle of the coaster plummeting down. Apollo is the most "Put Your Hands Up" ride in the entire park.

Now this is my all time favorite commercial from 1984. Notice the ride shots and smiles.. and guess what - the song has the words "Busch Gardens" in it. Isn't it said that if you hear or see something 7 times it goes to long term memory? Well I remember all the lines and images from this ad 26 years ago - so it must have worked. I cannot say the same for any of the others.

When I heard the 1984 commercial, I used to run to the TV to watch it. You couldn't forget that slogan too. ~"Come to Busch Gardens and C.....ome to LIFE!" Awesome.

Here is the commercial I speak of:

Does anyone else have a favorite commercial or ad? It can be a paper advertisement too.
Yeah don't like the new one either, but I guess their trying to appeal to the tweens and teens that can drag their parents and spend A LOT of George Washingtons because they have nothing better to do with that money burning a hole in their pockets.
I agree with you all about the new ad. It is well filmed however they missed things that should have been there, and I HATE the music.
Don't know if this counts, but I loved when the staff used to say "And enjoy your stay here at Bussssssccccccchhhhhhhhhh Gardens Williamsburg"
I like the ad, but what I hate is that it has nothing to do with Europe. It seems like you could just walk in and be like "wtf is up with all this europe crap." Considering they changed the name, and are hiding it in the commercial, it may look like just another regular park to the GP.

This is another informercial that Busch Gardens had produced in the 80's. I know that this was posted by BGWfans on youtube but not on this thread. Does anyone know if they made any other informercial. I would think with tourism down that they would be doing more ad's.[/SIZE]

Busch Gardens VA commercial with Vincent Price - 1988

Another Commercial from 2000 this one was recorded from tv..
The commercial from 2000 was great. I love the part where the father gets swept out of his seat. My daughter couldn't stop laughing.
They covered all of their bases fairly well with this one, from the rides to the shows and the cultural aspects.
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