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I know you guys hate the new, well it's old now, but the "We Got It" ad, but you've got to give it up for the marketing dept. That song is infectious. The new radio spot has a mom singing it, and even she sounds good. Granted we are in the Dance/Pop/Synthesizer age, but that song gets in your head and will not die. Now in contrast listen to the All for Fun/Fun for All KD ad, and you'll want to shoot the closest thing that you can see.

-Sky ... we got it we got it we got it WE GOT IT.... haha
The lady at the end talking about the fun card is totally a hot blonde. :D
And has anyone noticed that in that ad and also lately in Busch's promotions Alpengeist has been seen more often than any other coaster. It's in the brochure, the parking lot, the front gates. Are we facing discrimination in the park's ads????? Poor Apollo's. I have'nt seen that thing in an ad for awhile.:dodgy:
Shafor said:
I vividly remember that commercial and jingle. They use to play it on our local TV stations in Baltimore all the time. I was 12.
I agree with you. I was 16 when they played that same commercial was on the Washington TV stations.
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