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Apr 27, 2019
I am new to this forum. I've found a lot of great info here already--thank you!

We have a trip scheduled for August 24-31. I know there is a "flash sale" going on right now through April 30th and the BG/WC combo Fun Card for about $100/person seems like a great deal. I'm also planning to do the historic sites though and there is a flex ticket that covers all of that plus BG/WC for 7 days. We will only be there for the week, and live in NJ so I don't need these tickets for more than a week. If we get the fun cards, for the four of us it will be about $400 and we will still have parking and all the other historic admission on top of that. If we do the flex ticket that includes parking and all historic sites, it will be just over $700.

My question is whether or not there will be any better deals coming out this summer or if there is anywhere else I should look for combo tickets. I do think the flex ticket is better than the fun card deal, considering all that we want to do. But I wanted to hear from the experts if there is something else I should look for.



Advisory Panel
Sep 24, 2018
The flex ticket is probably the best choice. You probably won't find a better deal considering that you want to also do the historic sites. Especially when you factor in the free oaks parking which would save you $20 per day.
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