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Apr 1, 2010
Same as last year at this time. More people are gone. This source says 40 people. One employee we know had been there over 28 years and held a position important to us. We also received a letter stating all Reenacting events are also canceled for 2017. I guess that makes more room and money for more hauntings and ice rinks. (N)

Colonial Williamsburg quietly lays off dozens of employees
So sad. I'm so sorry for those people and sorry for the impact on the park experience that their vacancies will leave behind. May 2017 bring better times.
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In a world of tightening budgets I would imagine that they have had to make some hard decisions. I do not pretend to know what their books look like, but I would guess they know what costs and what makes $$. I can only guess that things like reenacting events might not pay for themselves but the haunt and ice skating do.
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