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"There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip."

"Therefore no plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force."
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Honestly, so far, the thing that bothers me the most is the name. It just screams "amateur" to me. Kind of like they were trying to come up with a catchy alliteration, rather than something authentic.

Although I am skeptical about the theming, I'll wait to see how it turns out. I'm hoping for a high sensory experience.
Viktor said:
Have any of you noticed SeaWorld is on a single name streak, for example "Manta", "Kraken" and now "Mako"?

It looks like Busch is on the same path starting each ride with the name of an animal, followed by some sort of cheesy adjective. So far there's "Cheetah HUNT', "Falcon's FURY", and now "Cobra's CURSE".
Good eye there. It didn't even occur to me.
I think they should have gone for a more 'educational' angle and named it Zimmy's Lesson :) Larger than life Zimmy statues around every corner pointing at you or threatening a yardstick beat down.

It's so, so, beautiful.
Joe said:
I wouldn't classify Verbolten as an uninteresting coaster.

Verbolten is a *nice* coaster, but it could be a little longer in duration. Most of the ride is in the dark aside from leaving the station and the final drop to return. The inside drop makes the coaster. My wife had no idea and I didn't tell her. :evilgrin:
Oh I definitely am not discounting Verbolten, I really do enjoy it. However, comparison is the theif of joy and when given the choice between Cheetah Hunt and Verbolten, I'd take CH nearly everytime, but that's just my opinion.

My comment was mainly in regards to Griffon, Mach Tower, and Tempesto. Sheikra, while marginally smaller, looks to have a more interesting layout and *less* repetitive than Griffon. Mach Tower is, well, a lemon, and Falcon's Fury looks infinitely better. And finally, Tempesto is just a cheap clone squeezed into an unnatural spot with a luke warm theme while Cobra's Curse is looking insanely creative, well themed, and more fun in general. But all that is discussion for another thread, so I'll end my post here.
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I actually disagree.

My experience on FF is that beyond the mental game the ride plays with you, when it tips you over, there is actually less of a thrill than on a regular drop tower. The movement of the seat as it straightens itself seems to make the drop feel shorter and less intense.

I really have never noticed much of a difference between my experiences Griffon and Sheikra. Once again, for me the variations between the two are good in theory, but don't seem to affect the ride experience.
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