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Man, not that I know that the coasters run 24/7, I know where I'm going at 3am during the summer... Anyway, thanks for posting (as others have said). I never watch TV so I would of completely missed this.
I'm pretty sure I've been there before they started test running them in the morning, and saw the first train on Apollo run through. Besides, who would have to work the graveyard shift. lol, glad we have such an accurate news system. I feel like i could definitely trust them to deliver important information accurately.
Well i was talking to one of the mechanics and sometimes the mechanics dont even go home they stay in the park all night working!!!
You all obviously have no idea how creepy the place is at night. From someone who knows, you do not want to be in that place after hours after the sun has gone down. If I ever make a horror movie, I know where I'm filming it. Really, you have no idea.
Swift got me intrigued, I'd like to see some photos of BGW after dark if anybody has them. Maybe this can be a new picture/videos thread for the forums.

I remember years ago on some outings with my family, staying at BGW until the park closed and everybody was lured out of the park. The park was still operating a little bit after the sun set and I thought the place looked pretty cool all lit up.
I've actually had the experience twice, but for the sake of time, I'll just tell the first one.

The first time was the night of the closing of the Big Bad Wolf. It was a good hour since the park closed and there were still a good amount of people standing in line for the front row (me included) to get that last night time ride "At the Speed of Fright". Anyway, I ended up on the sixth-to-last train after it started raining and night had fallen. After riding, we were basically free to go back to the front of the park on our own (at least that's what I assumed- no one told me otherwise). You would think that they would still have someone in the park, but after leaving Germany, we didn't see anyone at all until we got to the front gate. Even worse, all the stores were closed, it was raining, all the lights in the park were off, and there wasn't much moon-light because of the clouds. That is one of those things that I'll never forget. One of the other people with me dropped back five feet or so as we were walking through Italy and I turned to the other guy who was with me and said: "I'm pretty sure this is how all those horror movies start: A group of people is walking through some deserted place in the middle of the night and the girl starts to fall behind and then someone leaps out of the darkness and snatches her. Then we get picked off one-by-one..."
Balak95 said:
True but usally when they pull all nighters they stay in the workshops and work.

Exactly. To have a crew of 3 people at least on the four major coasters would be stupid.

But if you want to go to Busch and ask for a job overnight, feel free. Just don't blame me for the weird looks you get.
Yeah thats the only thing im worried about is the relavence of the job and i wasnt just asking for a night job i just want to be able to work on the coasters period.
Swiftman, that sounds scary. I did the Coaster Insider Tour in the morning, and I thaught it was creepy walking thru the park with no one there and if they sren't playing the music I think it is even scarier, I don't know why tho. If they do the night time coaster tour again this year, I am doing it.
I was a rides mechanic at SWSA and we would start working at 5am. It's actually really peaceful to be there at that time. Nice and quite and you hear the birds and see all sorts of different animals running around. Plus you get some good looks at sun rises while standing on top of a coaster. We never worked over night. We would leave no later then an hour after the park closed
Well the mechanic i talked to said sometimes the mechanics would not even go home that night.
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