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Pretzel Kaiser

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Apr 5, 2011
Since every thread that even mentions KD in passing becomes a discussion about the coasters there. I figured there should be a thread deticated to that.

That being said, Volcano is a waste of metal and would be better suited to be melted down for more light poles in the parking lot. :p
More than half the times I go both sides running 2 train each. Now adanconda can be melted down into the B&M flyer that needs to be placed there.
Yes, Anaconda is worse than Volcano. However, Shockwave happens to be worse than Anaconda, which is a marvel of nature and physics somehow.

Gavin: Check the bgwfansite thread, another discussion popped up. This thread will hopefully prevent those derailed threads. This has nothing to do with the current dorama going on.
I just don't get bashing KD over volcano. Shockwave sucks, but everyone knows that. some people actually like volcano. Now, I'm all for bashing SFA. That place is the worst Six Flags park. KD, has a decent coaster collection.
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I'm not bashing KD, I still like going to the park because it does have good rides. I'm also aware that there are lots of love for all the rides (including Shockwave) I'm bashing that rides themselves. It's slow loading, causing long lines and has slow inversions. Topics get derailed to this topic all the time, so that's why I created it.
Volcano was my favorite ride in the park when I first rode back in 2003. The launch is pretty powerful when you're not expecting it. I'd hate to see it leave.

I'd much rather see Hurler and Anaconda go. There are bigger/better rides that could go in those spots (Flyer + Wing Coaster :p)

I'm trying to plan a trip to the park this summer to hit up 305/Dominator and to see how much the park has changed since the CF takeover (I hear it's doing pretty well).
All of Kd's woodies are decent. Grizzly has gotten a little rough since the CF take over... Rebel yell is so old there's not much you can do about it's roughness and hurler isnt too bad.
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Same here. It's ok...just too bumpy.
I mean, I said "Ow" on every single one of these at least once
Yeah I guess I can see it going too. Being replaced by another wooden coaster would be great because leaving Grizzly as the last woodie is not really something I'd like to see happen. But definitely something El Toro-esque replacing RY is a fantastic idea.
After all, Intamin just built I305 for them, and just look at KD's success from that thing. Maybe, in a couple of years, Kings Dominion will be wanting some more of that success and Rebel Yell will bite the dust and El Toro will be recreated at Kings Dominion
(and world peace might happen too)
Now, what to replace with Anaconda?
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