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RE: Clown Band (??? - ???) (2014- Current)

About half way through the season the costumes will need replacing, before the constant laundering becomes noticeable. That obviously didn't happen.
Thanks for adding the dates of the "original" Kings Dominion Clown Band, Evan! Just to explain, the KD band was an offshoot of a similar band at Kings Island. They appeared at Kings Dominion from 1987-1993. There was a similar group during the 1994 season but Paramount, in their infinite wisdom, changed it from the Clown Band into something called "Marx Brothers Monkey Business Band", complete with different routines, black costumes and 1 non-musician member portraying Groucho Marx. The Marx Brothers were chosen as subjects for the re-branding of the Clown Band because they had done some of their classic films for Paramount (including 1931's Monkey Business) and, as we all know, everything done at the park during the Paramount years was done to glorify and sell their motion picture products. Sometime during the 1994 season, the actor playing Groucho was fired and the "Monkey Business Band" spent the rest of the season wandering around performing as a quasi-Clown Band, though their new name and black costumes remained the same. For this reason, I consider the last year of the official Clown Band to be 1993.

Here's a website that was started by members of the "original" Clown Band, to document the first iteration of the group. The site doesn't seem to be that active, but there's a great gallery full of pictures of the 1987-1994 band line-ups. And if you think the 2014 band's costumes looked faded, check out some of the old ones!
After unsuccessfully lobbying Joe (and other ParkFans) to record the Clown Band for me again before the end of the 2014 season, a kind random stranger has uploaded a recent video of the band's full set. The video quality is good but the audio suffers a bit from the occasional interference of loud piped-in area music; I think the person recording the video was standing near a speaker. Next season, KD should take care to deactivate the speakers in the immediate vicinity of the Clown Band when they're performing their regular set in front of the Eiffel Tower.

I inquired about the Clown Band's return in 2015 but the park said that next season's entertainment lineup hadn't yet been planned and to check with them at a later date. Let's hope that KD brings them back next season! They'd be bonkers if they didn't, and not in a musical clowny sort of way.

Anyway, enjoy the antics of the 2014 Clown Band!

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I wonder if this means that all of these former positions have been vacated, or if they are looking for more performers to have a secondary 'relief' ensemble to prevent overworking of 1 group of performers?
20 years ago, all positions were "up for grabs," each year and they would always have a few big "cattle call," auditions. If a performer had been good the previous year and they came back to audition they normally got the part again. But they had to audition none the less.

I am not saying that this is still the case, but if it is, that would explain why they are looking for all the same instruments.
Zimmy pretty much nailed it. If I recall, performers who have been with the park in the past are given preference; hence the reason why some performers have been with the park for over five years. However, it is my understanding that they must all re-audition if they want to perform at the park for another season.

On another note, I noticed the snare drummer (former MIU drummer) was at the park in the fall, working as a supervisor for Planet Spooky and Haunt. I wonder if that is any indication of his intentions to stay with the park and return to the Clown Band for 2015?
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The Clown Band came out to entertain guests while they waited (in the freezing cold) to enter the park. One of the guests asked if they could suggest a song, and here's what happened...

They played Uptown Funk! It was fun to watch. So great to see the Clown Band back again! It's almost entirely the same cast as last year, with just a few new faces. (All of the former BGW performers are still there.)

The best part of their act was that they actually made a few Busch Gardens jokes. Here's a direct quote from the head drummer (former MIU performer) after a song:

"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! If you like us, we're the Kings Dominion Clown Band! If not, we're Mix It Up!"

This is the Clown Band in action during the mid summer season of 2015 and is it just me or is it even better than last year? Oh and the International Street Stage has changed a bit (the park removed the "Paramount star arch that was added in 1993).
Wow.. I dont know if i could watch this in person, clowns of any kind are horrifying lol. But they are super talented!
They're nothing more than musicians in colorful outfits.
They're clowns and many people find them creepy because of it. I know a couple people who love watching musicians and musician based shows that are too creeped out by the fact that they are clowns to enjoy it, even if they aren't the best looking ones.
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