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Sep 10, 2012
Have been toying with the idea of starting a thread to share some observations, insight, trivia, pictures, and various things that I find interesting and funny around the park. Will hopefully have something new to share once a week or so. I hope y'all find these things as entertaining and informative as I do. Be nice. :cool:

To start things off, I have something a little on the light side.

Did you know that one train station is not like the others? Apparently you could really get hurt if you do this at one of them. What is it?
chickenking said:
Did you know that one train station is not like the others? Apparently you could really get hurt if you do this at one of them. What is it?

Is is get out on the left hand side of the train at the New France station where unlike the other two stations the station is to your right?
Excellent! Pat your brain!! That was pretty easy now wasn't it?

Did it keep you in suspense? Did you learn something new? Maybe you knew it already.
New tidbit coming soon. Must prepare for UFC on Fox 6 tonight at 8pm.
I posted some blurry pics of this a while back. This one is much better. I noticed the Hamlet names one day back in the Fall. Pretty cool! :cool:


  • Das Festhaus - Stained Glass.jpg
    Das Festhaus - Stained Glass.jpg
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Had an interesting thought while sitting on the throne. What if Mach Tower moved like Prince Elmo's Spire? Could be fun when it is actually working. ;)
Like the tower at universal. However, that one launches up out of the station as prince elmo's spire is pulled up.
I hear a challenge. I'll be right on that as soon as the park opens in a month. ;)
But, is it by chance in the Clydesdale stables?
Connecticut busch fan said:
Logo's were still on the metal grates around the trees in Festa Italia.

Those logos were sanded off after the sale and generic Busch Gardens vinyl stickers were placed there instead.

The Festhaus is obviously the largest, other than that I can only think of the faucets in bathrooms, which I assume have only stayed because it is probably difficult to remove and replace these things.
If you guessed the bathrooms, you are correct.

The faucets in the Festhaus and San Marco bathrooms still have the logos. They are subtle. I have tried to get a good photo, but it's etched into chrome.

The other locations mentioned had them removed years ago, right after the sale.
You know what, I do recall seeing those things in the men's room at the Festhaus. Thanks for reminding me guys. ;)
I'll try and get pics when the park opens.
I can't imagine why AB would have paid to have custom etched facets in the first place, seems like a really odd thing to do from the start even if they never intended on selling the parks.
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