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Getting aHEAD of myself
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Feb 12, 2011

Cirque Imagine
Prepare to be mesmerized by the acrobatic performances in Cirque Imagine, featuring an incredible showcase of strength, balance and athleticism. You will want to see this incredible show more than once! Seating is limited, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Show begins June 30th
Connor said:
While waiting in line for Grizzly I saw a few actors on stilts bouncing around   behind the Theater. From what I saw they just started practicing.

I am not sure why the performers would be practicing so early; given the show does not open until June 20th.

This show has already been performed at Kings Island and Canada's Wonderland. Course, these folks could be new to this production and maybe they are getting a feel for the theater space they are going to be working in. With most of the other song and dance shows that have been performed at the KD Theater, the performers don't start practicing together on location until 2-3 weeks before the show opens.

Curious, if they are for the Cirque Imagine show or for something else. (Spring Bloom performers?)
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mwhinva said:
I am not sure why the performers would be practicing so early; given the show does not open until June 20th.

I have friends currently in Cirque du Soleil and other Cirque-type productions. They have to practice all the time to keep in shape. For my friends with Soleil, they even have to practice during show days, and sometimes they practice AFTER performing two shows in the same day. It's a common routine for acrobatic performers.
My friend Ben from college is in something similar. When he is not on stage, running, in the gym or rehearsing, he is practicing his acrobatics. He tells me that he can feel it in the air if he puts on as much as 5 extra pounds.
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Hmmmm ..... after watching parts of the video above and looking at the stage photo from the KD theatre, I wonder if we are getting a different variation of the show that performed at KI and CanWon?

Neither of those parks have had an "All Wheel Sports" show production to date. Therefore, most of their performers in their Cirque shows had similar acts to an "All Wheel Sports" production (Trampoline, stunt bike, cyr wheel). In the video, about 1/2 way through the show, new set pieces come in from the stage wings to come together and form the center jump platform with the trampolines on either side. The KD photo shows the front stage set pieces being constructed and they don't appear to be the same as in the video.

It appears as if the front stage pieces in the KD photo have men's gymnastic high bars mounted on them. Course, the photo is a week old and the front set pieces appear to still be under construction, so I could be wrong. But, I wonder if we are getting something different for what would have been the trampoline act in the show video?
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Here is a photo from Les Production Haut-Vol Facebook page. Their photo caption reads "Work in progress, coming soon!" I believe this is a straight on view of the KD Theater stage from further back in the auditorium. (As compared to the Instagram photo above). Given all the set pieces on the stage, it looks like our version will be different from the show at KI (Well, at least part of the show should be different).

Can't really compare to Canada's Wonderland 2015 Cirque production. That show is called "Cirque Dimensions" and uses large LED projection screens as part of the set pieces during the performances of the athletes.



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So is this version of "Cirque Imagine" going to have two different set pieces for it's stunts? If so then it's nice that we'll see a "set change" at the KD Theater once again.
VAman93 said:
So is this version of "Cirque Imagine" going to have two different set pieces for it's stunts? If so then it's nice that we'll see a "set change" at the KD Theater once again.

I can only go by the YouTube video that was shot last year at KI. Their Cirque version used the fly space at the front of the stage to hang staggered panels that were used to project theater lighting effects on at the beginning of the show and were used as a back drop for at least one act during the performance. KI's version also used a small platform for an acrobatic set and the stunt bike set during the first half of the show.

About half way in KI's Cirque show, two large set pieces come from the left & right stage wings and join at center stage. Those 2 set pieces each contain 1 trampoline with a center and back wall. About 4-5 athletes go into a routine that is very similar to KD's 2014 Haunt show "Skeleton Crew".

Those set pieces then retract back and, I believe, the final act is performed. From what I saw in the video, the colorful rear set piece, with the center tunnel, is stationary for the whole performance.

From the photo above, KD's front set pieces seem to be of a lager scale than KI's version. I can't tell if the front set is two massive set pieces or 4. If 4 pieces, then I would think the center pieces have those "jungle gym" metal bars at the center and the front 2 pieces have what look to be mens gymnastic high bars.

From what I can gather from my "sources", the set pieces arrived the 1st week in June; the cast started practicing last week; this week is for the technical runs. I am not sure if they will offer a preview show before this Saturday (The All Wheel Sports show had one preview performance last Friday before the official opening this past Saturday).

The 1st official show of KD's Cirque Imagine is this Saturday at 2:00pm.

FYI, KI's Cirque show opened last weekend and Canada's Wonderland's Cirque version opens next Saturday the 27th.

Today I was at the park and was interested in seeing the show and I had my phone (iPhone 5s) so I decided since there are no recordings of the show on the Internet to change that. Overall it's a good show and I definitely recommend checking it out.
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