Should I Make more Slow motion or Real Motion?

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That's my favorite one yet to be honest. The only thing I'd say is that some of the shots felt like they needed a tripod. There's some neat pans and movements in some of the shots, but a few of them had a bit of jaring shaking that felt a bit off. Overall though, fantastic job.

If I remember correctly you're using a T3i, correct?
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I have to agree with Zach on the shaky cam footage. It's definitely a major improvement from some of your early stuff so far.

If you're going for slow-mo, I'd love to see some close-ups of the trains. Slow-mo seems perfect for that kind of stuff, especially for certain rides like Verbolten and Griffon.

- Gray sky really makes for horrible lighting though. :p
I use a t3i, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. I simply didn't have time for a tripod. I got there at 2 and was with my friend's family so I couldn't choose where to go and when, I had to take all possible shots with any given location. Next time I'll be with my family and I'll be using a glidecam to get some really unique shots. Subscribe if you'd like to see future content.
TrevorBondi305 said:
I use a t3i

Well in that case, great job with the focusing. I use a T3i as well so I know how painful the lack of continuous autofocus can be with video- especially without a tripod. Also, subscribed.
Okay guys I've made a similar video for Kings Dominion, and if you don't mind you can leave me some feedback on this thread!
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