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avid coaster enjoyer
Sep 20, 2013
Many people have wanted a train ride at ChristmasTown. I don't want a Christmas train, I want an experience! Holiday Hills is home to the least popular train station. I decided to reverse that! The Candy Cane lane express! Holiday Hills just finished up there brand new train tracks for the candy cane celebration.The Que line would have a lights and nice little sets to look at. When the train comes a cheery christmas song would come on and fake snow would come down make everybody amped up and ready to ride. The trains would all have christmas names. The red one would be "Candy Cane Express" with red and white lights. The blue one would be "The not so quiet night express"with blue and white lights.The green would be "The Classic Christmas" with red and green lights. On all of the trains would be a recorded storyline.As you leave the station a christmas song that sounds cheery with little snow effect sounds.The first set would be hiding Cut Throat Cove. There would be little shops and houses blocking the scary stuff. On your left would be a polar bear with a sign saying"It's about to get chilly up north."and a few trees.There then would be a billboard saying "Crossing the silent night bridge to the North Pole!"The song silent night would come on directly after that.Once you cross the bridge you would be put in a blizzard with igloos,polar bears and fake snow.The polar express song that is very dark and Halloween styled would come on. Then you would start to see a few houses and then the music changes to the the song from Rudolph "We are Santas elves". The fake snow would stop and you would past Drachien Fires matnince bay and it would turn into the North Pole with a pole saying North Pole. As you venture farther into the buildings you would come to Santa and he would be in his Sleigh with reindeer and they would fly over the train. This would be using projections lights and sounds.The next portion of the train would be playing banjo christmas music. The narrator would tell you the train is running low on fuel and you have to sing to power it. Familiar Christmas songs would play until you reach Caribou Station.It would be full circuit. The outside of this station would have santas sleigh on the roof and it looks like a big house.The inside would look like a perfect christmas setting with a tree and presents and a chimney with santas feet poking out.As you leave you would go into the small town of Caribou for the classic christmas with little houses and get ready for this..... Reindeer!They would have a nice little barn with food and heat and a fence. You then go into the straight away with the "12 days of Christmas" with the items of 12 days of Christmas.Shortly after it's done you would go on the candy cane bridge. Once you reach Scotland it would be Silent Night with the song playing.Then once you reach Polar Pathway it would be polar bears and Coke retro ads.Once you reach the forest area the theme song would come on at the station and on the train with Holiday Hill signs, Candy Canes,and hot cocoa. Once you reach the end you would exit there would be the residents of holiday hills handing out CandyCanes and small hot cocoa cups With no refills sadly. This idea probably needs to be worked on.Also budget probably won't let this happen. Hopefully the park at least attempts to do something.
This! ^

Is amazing. The problem with the train during HoS is its regular season and a lot more people are there. During CT, there isnt as many people, but still a lot, and a lot of them are families. This would be a fantastic way to get everyone in the christmas spirit.Now, would the stations be open, or did I just miss that part
They would be closed because it wouldn't be fair for everybody else to skip the line.The reason this works for the park because it requires few actors. The reindeer helpers. HolidayHills citizens,and Santa would be inside the caribou station.
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