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The Hessian

MSG. Co. E, Cherokee Regiment of Rifles.
Nov 30, 2015
Saluda, Virginia
That is one show during Christmas Town that is the most lack luster and doesn't have the same appeal as the others. So I'm interested If we will be getting a better show in its place?
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Sep 29, 2009
Although I don't think Miracles was the best in recent years, I think it had quite possibly the most beautifully orchestrated soundtrack of any Busch Gardens show. This new show better have good lighting and something pretty to look at, or else I don't think people will buy into it. However, I am excited to see if Busch Gardens Williamsburg can pull off a large show that is strictly vocal. Tampa has done wonders on a smaller scale with their Three Kings show. Similarly, a bit of lighting and a nice backdrop brought that from a cute street show level to a larger must-see show.

They are going to need to be even better than Gloria, and they can't afford to do that thing that so often happens in Gloria where every person is doing his or her own thing, trying to upstage everyone else. This could be a very good show, and hopefully it will bring a few more talented vocalists to the park to stay.


Nessie is lonely.
Silver Donor
Sep 28, 2013
Virginia Beach
unless you are in a perfectly elliptical  space with the stage and actor/ singer standing precisely in one of the 2 foci vocals on an outdoor stages are always problematic.  The Greeks used a perfectly circular space as did Mr. Jefferson.  In these cases the human voice would carry to the permittee very well.  The Romans, who preferred not to be, "in the round" tended to use elliptically shaped spaces.  This sort of space has the advantage of directing the sound exactly to the opposite focus. (not coincidentally the workhorse of the lighting industry, the ERS uses the same principal with its mirror.)

I say all this to re-emphasis what MAZ is saying.

The upshot, we are not in ancient Greece or Rome, nor are we in the Rotunda at The University.  (ask me about nose whistling the Good Ole Song sometime)

The space in question has none of these advantages and thus must rely on sound re-enforcement.  (untrained and or badly trained voices who are used to using only mics do not help, but I, as usual digress)
Further complicating the issue, most of the mics are not handheld but body mics and the speaker locations are sub optimal.  All this adds to a...  sub-optimal environment for sound reinforcement.
Apr 1, 2010
Perchance the extreme change in show types was due to performing conditions. Weather constantly affected performances. It could be quite dangerous on an exposed stage considering the amount and type of physical performances involved. A less active show with more vocals and less movement could likely perform better, and more often, in these adverse conditions. Perhaps even more time for more hugging.
Aug 21, 2013
Winston Salem NC
Merboy said:
To be honest, I really like Christmas Town but it's not a strong enough draw to justify the drive from Raleigh and standing in the cold. Maybe if the shows were crazy good or if the food was off the chain...
WEAK excuse! Haha. I make the 4 hour drive from Winston Salem every year for it; I also run the Dash too but it's worth the drive. Even the atmosphere in Colonial is pretty cool.

Thomas said:
If I see even a single god damned hug in this show...
It's going to be a Barney Christmas sing-a-long with free hugs in the crowd.
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