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I think they could add a Hanukah area in Scotland. The hamlet is already lighted in blue and white. A menorah could be placed either in the path to Loch Ness at the Lil' Clydesdales, or at the base of the Stables just before Ireland. Gift stands could be added. Pigs in kilt could be made into a food stand that serves Hanukah appropriate dishes. The Stables could be left as is to still allow for pictures. I think it would add something new without completely renovating a whole hamlet.
Peyton said:
I am as well very grateful they still focus on the Christmas aspect of the season. If the event were to change to a "Winter Town" or "Holiday Town" I can assure you I myself wont attend. Christmas Town is truly a great event and wouldn't want anything like that to happen.

Indeed, good thing the park would never dare catering to others!
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I'm not saying it's wrong to celebrate other holidays (namely Hanukkah) at the park, but Virginia is 76% Christian, so I feel like abandoning the religious aspect of the event would upset the majority of visitors. I think a small area dedicated to other holidays could work in theory, but it would be a shame to lose the "Christmas" theme altogether.
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Well of course adding a Hanukkah themed area wouldn't be bad at all and would certainly appeal to other people. Just changing the whole Christmas aspect to try and appeal to those who celebrate other holidays wouldn't be a good move for as Joe said the majority of the area is in fact Christian and feel very similarly as I do. By all means I am not saying that other holidays shouldn't be incooperated, just that the main aspect should be Christmas because that is what is mainly celebrated around the area.
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I feel that Christmas Town is perfect the way it is. Why incorporate other holidays into a Christmas themed event. If other people don't celebrate Christmas, why in the world would they go to Christmas Town? As Peyton said, I have no problem with other holidays being included to appeal to other guests. I just don't understand why people would complain about their religion or holiday not being present in the park if they chose to go to an event themed to Christmas.
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Why? You've said previously that since I'm not in the majority of religious beliefs, what I say doesn't matter. My post was simply stating that any points made contrary to the pro-christianty view of CT won't matter because I'm not in the majority.
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I think we should just not start any conversations that include religion because, people seem to have a sour tone around here concerning it, and those who don't get offended and defend themselves. Plus, we've already had like 5 arguments already over the same conflict involving CT, and the same people are starting it again.

Based off of basically any past situation, the park is going to do whatever it wants no matter what its guests tell them, especially when it comes to something involving the Ent. Dept.(or two of you could right to the VA Gazette, and the park might remove all christian aspects of CT)
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