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After announcing the news at the 40 anniversary the year before Loch Ness will begin to be dismantled at this time. During that phase the entire track will be covered in ornaments and tinsel. Vaguely non-denominational symbols will be erected on the loops so that they can be seen from all over the park!
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Getting this discussion out of the SFA Holiday event thread.

horsesboy said:
Nicole said:
For what it is worth, I 100% do NOT go for the shows or food.  I go for the lights.  And trust me, if I didn't have to drive down to Williamsburg, I wouldn't.
I am a little puzzled by that there are drive through light shows in Manassas and a very nice one out at Meadow Event park next to KD.  What makes Christmas Town more appealing?

I am sorry I haven't responded sooner.  I think this is a valid question, given my assertion.

Before I start, I need to explain that I am in a really, really awful mood this week, because of work.  As a result, I clearly overstated the case.  That said, it is no secret that I don't care about the shows at any theme park.  If I want theater, I go to the Kennedy Center or the Signature, or somewhere else in my immediate vicinity.

The throw-away response is that I am an Admin and blogger for a BGW fan site, so I have to check out CT several times.  Since I have been going to BGW's holiday event since it first opened, however, that is obviously nonsense.

We actually did try several other Christmas attractions this year, and I loved the lights at Norfolk's Botanical Gardens.  The display on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk was really improved this year, as well.  We also went to Downtown Norfolk,  Portsmouth and Newport News.  As much as I really enjoyed all of these Christmas events, I think I still preferred Christmas Town at BGW.

I'm not going to bring the crowds into the discussion other than to say that if the park doesn't find some kind of solution for the mayhem that we observed last year, I might not want to go back to CT more than once in 2016.

Anyway, I think it is reasonable for me to say that I don't go to CT for the shows; I don't go to BGW for the shows year-round.  So I will stick with that claim. The reality is, however, that I do go to the park every holiday season in the hopes of trying interesting food and drink.  I do love the wassail and the cranberry hot toddies.  That said, I am struggling to recall anything I ate at CT2015 that I would be in a hurry to buy again (besides some of the desserts).  I have avoided putting this in print, but, to be brutally honest, I have not been impressed with the food over the past few years.  I have enjoyed Josephine's and some of the crepes have been good, but generally, I feel as if the quality has been going down and I just haven't found myself looking forward to eating much of the park offerings.  Before anyone says "F&WF," I have found those dishes to be mixed, as well.

Anyway, if I legitimately don't care about the shows, and the food is no longer a huge enticement, why do I go to CT, rather than driving through the lovely light displays scattered around the state?  Well first, the light and music parings are in some places perfect (Polar Pathway).  Moreover, there is an immersive aspect to CT that no other event has (except maybe the Dickens-themed attraction in Norfolk).  I love going from hamlet to hamlet experiencing at the cohesive holiday environments.  I shop; try the food; admire the lights; and enjoy the music.  Honestly, that level of immersion isn't replicated elsewhere.  Plus, I adore the skyride, during CT.  The views are gorgeous.

So, I guess I go to CT for a full holiday experience, not just for the lights.
Well put Nicole. There is something about CT at BGW that feels like you're "visiting Christmas" Apart from driving through a bunch of lights. I think the European theming lends itself very well to a classical Christmas event. None of it seems cheap. Everything seems like it has a place. I even like what they have done with Festa Italia, despite the undeniably massive coke sponsorship. It just seems to fit together. Give me some wassail and let casually walk through and enjoy the sights and atmosphere.

The best part about this for BGW is that it will only get bigger as time goes on. Now, for many people it is a new thing to do during the holidays. With each year Christmas town becomes more of a tradition, tied with fond memories to keep pulling the crowds back.

Busch needs to tread lightly in the future with updates. They should improve but not replace. Any changes made must not change the atmosphere of the event.

Here's an idea that might be a bit...out there. What if they got a hold of some legit snow machines? Assuming that the weather is ok, They could turn Festhaus Park into a winter wonderland. Or maybe they could install a large ice rink. I'm not sure if those are even remotely possible(or viable), but they seem like they would be a great addition to the event.
BGT had a Coke-sponsored snow play area for a few years. It seemed very popular. I'm not sure why they got rid of it, however.

I'm a big fan of temporary ice rinks, but since there is now one at CW, would it make sense for BGW to open one, as well?
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I believe it would be a good idea to open an ice rink at BGW. since it would be more convenient for guest because instead of going to two different places for activities, you could just go to one place, christmas town. Just like how you would go to a supermarket like walmart and get different items and services instead of going to different places.
Zimmy said:
After announcing the news at the 40 anniversary the year before Loch Ness will begin to be dismantled at this time.  During that phase the entire track will be covered in ornaments and tinsel.  Vaguely non-denominational symbols will be erected on the loops so that they can be seen from all over the park!
What are you saying...are they removing nessie at the end of the season because thats kinda what I got from that
He was joking.

This entire thread was created initially as a joke, in response to conversations taking place about events very far in the future.  Zimmy's response was in the same vein: meant only for humor.

I used it to start legitimate discussion about CT2016, since it already existed.  That said, go look at the Special Events sub-forum and you will see a proliferation of threads for events in the distant future and past.
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Hopes for CT2016:
1) Better crowd managemnt
2) Inform the public better if close to capacity.
3) Limit or stop the twinkle tickets - I thik the event is solid enough for the park that that ticket isn't needed which would lessen the need for 2 and 3.
4) Don't run out of hot chocolate.
5) Don't run out of hot chocolate. Haha

Questions? Comments? Other ideas?
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All of my family and extended family of 25 went opening year on Christmas Eve and we absolutely loved it! As kids have grown up and times have changed it is now only my family of 4 that has gone every year so I guess we have made a tradition of it. I loved how this year they had Alpie open for opening weekend and I thought it was a great idea...the only problem is that there were a lot of parents commenting on the Facebook post about how they should have opened something with a lower height requirement such as Loch Ness Monster or Apollos do you guys think that they will open a different coaster this year to please the guests or maybe not have another coaster open opening weekend. P.S. The only reason Alpie was open was because verbroken was down I'm guessing for yearly maintenance so they could run it for the rest of CT
I can't wait for Christmas Town 2016! I was just thinking about it the other day while I was in the park.

I usually prefer very smaller groups but they usually ending up getting larger every visit to the park.
BenWilkerson said:
P.S. The only reason Alpie was open was because verbroken was down I'm guessing for yearly maintenance so they could run it for the rest of CT

I thought annual maintenance took months not days?
Zimmy said:
can we bring groups of cats?  If so then I might actually become interested in xmas town....

Well, if you broke a few of the strings instruments in Gloria, I hear it will make them sound vaguely like cats one way or another.

Edit:Then again, I don't want any changes to one of my favorite shows.
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I was snooping around on the Christmas Town website today and saw that it said they boast 8 million lights, i don't know if that's more than last year( i think it was 7 last year) but it is still a lot! Also it said that it will be open until 10 o clock everyday too! don't know if it just says that now and it will be updated later or if will actually be open until 10 every day there open.

Also, I would just like to say how much I love Christmas Town, the atmosphere is totally different from any other time of year and I try to go as much I can ( or as much as I could before I had to move) even though there is only one coaster open for me to ride.
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