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Dec 23, 2011
So with one of the latest calendars posted, CK pointed out that Christmas Town will be opening at 2PM this year. An extra hour early during the day.

Does this mean we may see 1PM soft openings on super busy days? I think this is nice. Another inch closer to opening all day. Does anyone else love this idea?
I'm with Nic here. Sure, I'm more than happy to take an extra hour- why not- but to be perfectly honest, I don't see this really impacting my experience at the park all that much. That said, for tourists, I think it's a lot better for the park to be able to sell Christmas Town as more of an all-day experience. Starting at 2 vs 3 makes a big difference in that regard.
My hubby and I will be there, too, CK! First time!!! So excited!
Historically, has the park been open the whole week after Christmas (I know they close after New Year's)? We are looking to go the 29th, 30th, and 31st this year. That's a mon, tues, weds.
If the park is open, are the crowds usually low?

I suppose I would fit into the "tourist" category, because I only come down once a year. So that extra hour might not mean much to those of you who can go 10 times a year or more, but for me it does! :) It means I can get more shows, rides, and food out of the way before the lights come on and we stroll around the park and enjoy it.
Since the last two weeks of December pretty much count as Christmas peak season, the crowds should be moderate to heavy at most on the 29th and 30th. New Years and Christmas eve crowds tend to be very low, expect the park to be dead for the 31st.
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Actually, except for the day after Christmas, I always find crowds are moderate to light after Christmas. Mainly because people are done with Christmas and now their focusing on New Years.
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Now that we have seen what amazing things can be done with the technology available in the Globe Theatre I am already wondering what things they have in store for Christmas Town. All we know about Christmas Town regarding Banbury Cross so far: The theme will be similar. They have the new Coca-Cola market there. What I find intriguing, is that supposedly they have plans to put up the wire grid during the event. Since the first year of Christmas Town, England has had a Dickensian style theme. This has actually increased slightly. That leads me to believe that we might have a nice new show concept in the Globe. I am especially looking forward to how/if they use projections. I have heard murmurs that the park might be working on a new show with elaborate projections. Remember however, those projections take lots of time and money (both of which the park may or may not have). This should give us something to talk about for the next five months. ;)
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chickenking said:
The last two years, for me at least, Dec. 29-31 has been on the light side; and I was there open to close.  I was able to do everything I wanted to do with no worries, including just relaxing unfettered in my zen spots.  That being said, some of us have uber ninja-like abilities. ;)

I think one of my favorite spots to chill is the wooden swings in New France (I refuse to call it Canada) that are by Aquila the golden eagle's pen and across from the wood carver's shop. I bundle up in my Carhartt, use my Zippo handwarmer, buy some chili, and relax. :cool:(Y)
"use my Zippo handwarmer"

These hand warmers are a perfect for Christmastown we use two of them to take the edge off the winter chill. Enjoying the park after the holiday can be magic when the crowds are away.

Eric M
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It's impossible to enjoy ChristmasTown without hard warmers, I bought an economy pack the year before last, they make the event 10 times more enjoyable. one in each shoe, and one in each glove. I can stay our there all night with those things.
Do they defeat the bitter cold on the train? That is my biggest issue. I can use hot beverages to defeat most of the cold weather, but nothing addresses those icy, hard metal seats. And for the record, BGW does an excellent job with hot beverages!
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Bring a small seat cushion. I don't go to a park without my little Busch Gardens drawstring back pack so just stuff that sucker in there and pull it out for the train ride!
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