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Oct 5, 2009
My trip on Saturday Dec 12th. We got to the park about 4:30 and it even though it was a nippy 45 degrees. We started out by going through twinkling Scotland heading to the Lil Clyde’s, but the line was long and the ride was packed. We then strolled on to Ireland where the lights were beautiful and sounds even better. We decided to try Corkscrew Hill and found that the line wasn’t too bad. We waited about 15 min to get to the front which we have waited longer before.

After that we wanted to make Griffon before it closed so we headed into the “greenly” lit path into France. We saw the entrance to the Penguin experience which didn’t seem busy so we figured we would hit it next. We got in line for Griffon and just as we did they had some technical issues so they had to run the cars through twice empty. Just as they were loading again they stopped people from getting in line as the temps were dropping. We made it on the ride the next to the last car of the night. We then decided to go to the Penguin experience. After seeing everything posted wasn’t all that hyped about it, but seeing as though my niece and nephews were with us and had never seen any I was excited for them. We stood in line for about 15-20 min and were let in. At first it kind of reminded me of Coleman’s Nursery with the animatronics, but then we got to the real ones and were surprised to see that they had 2 lines going where they had 3 penguins in each “enclosure”.

At this point the “natives” were getting restless and so we decided to head to the North Pole. I have to say that it was amazing seeing that clock transformed and the fountain look a little different. We never made it past there. While I was gathering pictures, the little ones took a turn on the Carousel which my mom said seemed to be faster than normal. Afterwards we waited in line for I know a good 20-30 minutes to see the jolly old elf himself. Now I have to say I’ve seen a lot of Santa’s in my day, but this one will make you believe. Once we finished with Santa we headed back to France to catch the train back to Scotland which by the way was packed. I’ve never seen the train that packed. We made it back to England in time to catch the last showing of “A Sesame Street Christmas” it was a great show! We finally left the park about 11. All in all it was a great day and we’re planning to go back with all the family the Saturday after Christmas. Maybe we’ll get some great deals and make it to the parts we missed this time.

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Well, it looks pretty rainy until 7pm - not so much fun on a 40 degree day- still I hear there is an 80% chance of snow after 7!!!! Woo!! that would be awesome.. a "real snowy Christmastown!"
Just an FYI for those who plan on going this weekend, this is from BGW Facebook page:

"is reminding everyone to give us a call before visiting Christmas Town in this weather. If it gets messy, we may close the park to be safe. We’ll update our Fan Page, but the best way to know for sure is to call us at (800) 343-7946."
At 11 this morning they posted that they were closing the park today and not opening up until tomorrow. The sun is shinning here and the rain has stopped! Needless to say we are unreal dissapointed! The sun is out!!! They stayed open last night until 9, but of course we weren't able to make it to the park last night. We have been to the park in the spring and summer when the storms were so bad it was scary and they still kept the park open, and because of the "threat" of 1 to 2 inches of snow they close the park. Lame!!!
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