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Nov 23, 2010
This is going to be my first time ever going to Christmas Town this year, and I need some tips.

I've heard Polar Pathway has massive lines and Deck the Halls is very hard to get a good seat in. Also, does Flight of Lights have long lines? If you could, I'd like some tips to solve these problems.

I'm not planning on getting Quick Queue but if it's the most convenient option, I might as well.

Thanks for the help and have a very merry holiday. :D
It all depends on the timing of when you go. I remember when i wen tit was packed. and the line for flight of lights was at least an hour so if you don't mind spending an extra 14 dollars buy quick queue
yea, flight of lights is a pretty long wait. You might find that if you are in line before 10pm, they'll still let you on the ride...
To avoid crowds and lines, go on a Sunday and get there at 3pm.

Go to a later showing of Deck the Halls (7/8pm) there will be plenty of seats available. Then head to Flight, you should only have about a 15/30 minute wait.
Thanks for all the tips!

I am planning on going sometime during the week of New Years, so if there are any more tips, keep them coming.:D
Polar Pathway doesn't have lines, just crowds of people stopped in the middle of the pathway taking pictures of the pretty lights.

Flights of Lights always has a long line, same for Santa. I recommend, get there early get Quick Queue and try to work your way around the park as they open each section, and don't race to try to be the first one to Oktoberfest. After all, you will get more done if you do everything in the open areas first and then go on. This gives you something to do while you wait to move on, plus you get more things done!
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