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Sep 28, 2009
I will be running in the 8K Christmas Town Dash on December 5th and decided to start a separate Thread for the event. I plan on writing a post-event wrap-up and also posting photos of the event after I recoup from running the daunting course.

Also, this is the place if you wish to discuss the event before or after.

I cannot wait! I have been trying to gain endurance for the event since the end of the summer. This will be my first race! :D

A photo of the medal that will be given to all racers who cross the finish line posted on!/pages/Christmas-Town-Dash-8K/126844154017808:


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I'm running also. It's my friends' and my first race too! We can't wait, but we've already decided to take walking breaks and not let my friend sprint ahead.

Hope to see you there Nora!!!
Shafor- Mrs. Dash? Very funny; I love salt too much to be called that, but I doubt I will be "dashing" for the entire 8K. I predict more like 4K Dash at 6mph and then walk briskly! I can walk a 14 minute mile- so when I say briskly, I mean it. My goal is to finish in an hour and 15 minutes (approx- 15 minute mile); with hills and all - I will be very proud of myself as a year ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (thanks grandma- it runs on the family) and this is my way of "sticking it" to a very painful disease.

bgwfans-fan (LOVE the name!); thanks for the well wishes. That medal is what is making me push myself harder.. I want something to look at to push me further- perhaps to the next race.

Sky! I hope to see you there. All my articles have photos of me. I am not sure if I will be wearing anything distinguishable, but closer to the race I will let you know.

BGWFANS racers rule! :p
I would have registered but I wasn't sure If I'd be available. Running is sorta one of my things. If you've seen me you probably know I have the right build for that sort of thing.

-Good luck guys!
Tomorrow's the race, and the snow isn't supposed to let up until like 10 am!! Gosh I can't wait, hopefully I'll see you there Nora!! 10 hours and counting until our first race.

Heading to bed and ready to go. It's gonna be a cold race day! Brrr... Thanks everyone, I appreciate the good luck wishes!
Its a little late to wish you luck because I am sure the race has already started, so I hope everyone did well!
Well, I was not out to break any speed records for sure. I am just now coming to terms with my Rheumatoid Arthritis (or RA) that sprung up two years ago. Yes, you can start having arthritis at a very early age as I found out. (Sarcasm: Thanks mom and grandma for such a wonderful hereditary disorder!) Although, I am thankful it is just RA and not for example: MS or Lupus. Very, very thankful.

Although, I never thought I would feel up to running or sports until the doctors figured out the problem and sorted it out with a wonderful medication.

My goal was to get under a 15 minute mile; which I did. I am very proud of my medal and the fact that just over six months ago, it was all I could do to get out of bed in the morning.

I plan on training hard and push myself to race for years to come. Thanks to Busch Gardens Christmas Town Dash, I found the inner strength to get out there and just stick it to RA.

My parents were there taking pictures of the race and I will post them when they send me a CD with all the photos. It was a wonderful race; fun, and a great course. I really hope the park hosts this as an annual event from now on. :)
If it does become an annual event, I will be the happiest bgwfan EVER!!!!!:D

Definitely going to try and race next year;)
I know it's a month late, but anyway...

I really enjoyed the event. Everything was planned and orchestrated to perfection. The refreshments before and after the race were great. The company was great(my team all cancelled two hours before the event, so I drove to Williamsburg at 6 am ALONE). Ironically, I made atleast three new friends just standing at the startline. The laps through the parking lot obviously sucked, mainly because you're in the parking lot and there's no end is sight. I really wish there were more water breaks(I needed them in other words). Sadly there were no lights on in the park, but I guess it's just an electricity-budget thing, also we probably couldn't have seen them anyway. The piece de resistance(sp) was obviously the Marines cheering you on the entire way. Really-Really cool feeling. Finally the medla was a great reward.

I know that was kind of spit-fire, but I'm tired from typing the post in Project: 2012.

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