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Aug 31, 2013
Christmas on the Rhine
So, the Rhine River Cruise takes you on the normal Cruise, but along the river are christmas lights and on the boat is a small band, that plays carols/christmas songs. Maybe have a person giving out hot cocoa.

Tales From the Abyss
So, all throughout the day, you can take the haunted river cruise, which tells the tales of haunted ghost ships, sea monsters, and curses on men who find the lost treasure beneath these very waves.

The first set will be a ghost ship/shipwreck. A fake shipwreck would be set up in the waves, where a fogger would set a fog along the banks, and a projector would project the animation of a ghost ship rolling through the fog. Then, nearby , the waves are dsiturbed as something causes a wake, when suddenly, a sea monster rises from the depths, roars,then descends again, as the finale would take you back, where a projector attatched to the bottom of the boat would project lost souls under the waves.

All of this is done with a live story teller telling these tales, then acting like they are really there.

I feel like this is a solution to the whole ghost train problem, by offering an alternative to blocking off park traffic with the train.
I question how feasible parts of your concept are, but just having a storyteller on the Rhine River Cruise at night during Howl-O-Scream would be amazing.
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Yeah, you may say Im a dreamer, but Im not the only one...

All my concepts are basically a feasible idea wrapped in what i wish would happen
I think that would be cool, but I don't want it to be too much like "Jaws" was. It would be almost too scary to see a Loch Ness Monster come out of the water, but I love the idea of incorporating a ghost/pirate theme.
This mirrors what I would like to see/hear on the train. Just get a story teller; someone with a creepy, soothing voice to read short stories. The boat ride would be cool too.


I would also like to see a violin player involved somehow. I know the perfect person for this!!
I have a deep narrator style voice, or so im told.i should voice it. Plus, I get into telling stories.Also, this would be a good way to get the lil kids away from the adult attractions, so we can be full out HoS and still be Kidsiterate
The biggest thing I see if the park ever decided to incorporate storytelling on the train or boats would be they would make a recording and play it instead of it being live.
True, but if they could have a live storyeller, it creates that personal connection they always say they strive time i see someone high up in entertainment, i may suggest they do that,
They probably would want to go that route, but a live reader would have control of any circumstances that arise on a train or boat ride. Things speed up and slow down for whatever reason. Plus the personal touch is key I think. It needs to be a performance.
I try my best ^_^ btw, if i am spamming the concepts page with too many concepts, just say so, and ill stop/reduce how many i make.I may just put a thing down for my concepts as its own topic.
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