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The only restaurant I've ate at Kings Dominion.
Disappointing Theme park chain fact 1:They won't accept gift cards because it's a theme park location.
I just wanna ask... has anyone actually tried anything else? While I know KD isn't known for their food, but saying CFA has the best seems a bit far-stretched too me. Yeah, KD's food isn't something I will go around talking about maybe, but I don't find it horrible at all.

Of course if you go to one of the lower end eateries, then you will get lower quality food (Johnny's or Juke Box Diner come to my head), but Outer Hanks, Trails End Grill, or Country Kitchen have some decent food. I personally like Outer Hanks BBQ sandwich.

Maybe this isn't the best thread to ask this. If it gets some interest then I will split it.
^Yes, what Evan said. I would like to know where a lot of you do go to eat at Kings Dominion outside of chain restaurants. Obviously the quality of KD's food is lower than that of BGW's, but not only is that to be expected, the difference may not be as astronomic as you might think.

There are only two restaurants that routinely seem to serve bad food, as far as I've noticed: Jukebox Diner and Johnny's, as Evan stated above. Both serve a very limited menu and the food is often dry, overly greasy, or just spotty in taste; I'm not sure why.

However, there are some great restaurants as well. My personal favorite is Trail's End Grill in what will be Safari Village, with a chicken sandwich to die for (yup, a chicken sandwich) and an epic fixin's bar. Outer Hanks is a great air-conditioned seafood/barbecue place with charming atmosphere. Country Kitchen has great country food, and it's fun to sit outside by the pond. Victoria's Pizza is delicious (albeit overpriced) and it also has a charming atmosphere. Also take note that you have not had a good day at the park until you've had the Boardwalk Fries.

I think mwhinva said that Kings Dominion always squirmed behind Busch Gardens in terms of food quality, but when Paramount took over, they changed everything. It would appear Cedar Fair does not put heavy focus into their culinary department, but there are a few changes coming next year. It's worth noting that Kings Dominion does have a menu of much greater variety of food choices than other Cedar Fair parks, perhaps as a result of restaurants of various themes/cultures left behind by the original owners and Paramount.

I for one actually enjoy Kings Dominion's food. I love trying the different food that they have, and they have many restaurants of admirable atmosphere as well. It's also worth noting they have much more indoor, air-conditioned seating than BGW does. That's a huge plus.

I must admit, I do sometimes choose to lunch at Panda Express so I can sit by the International Street fountains. That's the best place to eat lunch ever!

See, I think this is almost the "Green Eggs and Ham" story. I'm sure many of you (not necessarily the two who posted above ;)) bag on Kings Dominion and its food without even having tried it in a long time.

So try it, try it and you may; try it and you may, I say.

I like Kings Dominion food!
I do! I like it, Joe-I-am!
The pizza at the park isn't terrible at all, in fact I'd say that it's better than any of the pizza at BGW.

Outer Hanks has decent shrimp, and Trails End Grill is decent and is affordable. There are lots decent choices at the park.
My main locations to have a meal at the park are the following (not including the external food chain places) listed in order of times visited in 2013:

1) Country Chicken - Usually get the 1/4 or 1/2 grilled chicken with BBQ sauce on the side. You get 2 sides with the meal and a biscuit. There are usually 5-6 sides to choose from.

2) Victoria's Pizza - Usually, a slice or 2 of pizza. Have gotten a meatball sub there once or twice.

3) Border Cafe - Burrito or Quesadilla

3) Trails End Grill - Usually, a burger and Fries. Other than cheese and bacon, a toppings bar is available to dress your burger (Tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pickles, and condiments).

4) Place in Old VA near the Log Flume. Had a burger or a chicken sandwich a couple times this past season.

The only chain place I eat on a regular basis is Panda Express. I really don't remember eating at any Subway place in the park last season. Chick-fil-a, rarely. The rest of the food places in the park, I don't remember eating at any of them in 2013.

Food was better in the "Golden Years". It did not always meet the level of BGW food; but, it was of better quality than it has been in the past. Paramount dragged the food quality down during its years of ownership.

Initially, Cedar Fair was indifferent toward food. I quote the former CEO Dick Kinzel when it came to food in the park chain: "Well, people got to eat!" Under the leadership of CEO Mat Quimet; last year, a couple parks in the chain hired chef's to help create recipes and plan menu's for some of their restaurants (Kings Island comes to mind). I assume increasing food quality and variety will spread out to the other parks including Kings Dominion.

Maybe, with the improvements to the two restaurants on International Street this season, the food might get a boost as well. Just have to wait and see.
So if anyone goes to KD and wonders why Chick-Fil-A always has the longest line for food in the park. CFA is the only place that charges under $13 for a regular meal.
Agreed...the food prices are out of controll.

Wow, did not see that coming. But I will say this: Chef Denis absolutely hates the Chick-Fil-A being at the park, and he’s had his eye on that building since he arrived at the park in 2019. I’m really eager to see what he and the park’s team have in store for its replacement.
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Wow, did not see that coming. But I will say this: Chef Denis absolutely hates the Chick-Fil-A being at the park, and he’s had his eye on that building since he arrived at the park in 2019. I’m really eager to see what he and the park’s time have in store for its replacement.
Makes sense. That’s prime real estate and Chick-Fil-A (and likely Subway) don’t go well with the rest of the park dining vision.
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