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Jun 2, 2011
Raleigh, NC
I was looking at the SixFlags America map today on SixFlags website and noticed that the Skull Island and Old Boston sections of the park had be combined and renamed "Chesapeake." I find this extremely odd. While the pirate-esque theme of Skull Island was pretty much abandoned with the opening of Apocalypse in 2012 I can't really figure out why it was combined with Old Boston and renamed Chesapeake.
Mazakman said:
I'm pretty sure that theming is not one of the parks strong points :)  (too snarky?)
You have to admit Ragin Cajun's wooden station and concrete platform truly does make you feel like your at a fair and that the ride could collapse at any moment. That my friends is true theming!
Sounds like a failed attempt at theming a section with regional appeal.

But this is Six Flags. They're known for some bizarre theming scenarios like when Medusa opened at Great Adventure in 1999 in the park's American West area!
I know. It drives me crazy. I will say that SixFlags America has been doing a lot better at keeping things themed to one area within the last 4-5 years. I really think dropping the Skull Island name was really because it has nothing to do with Pirates anymore so I kind of am ok with it. I just don't understand combining it with the Boston section, thats all that gets me.
I went to the park yesterday so expect a trip report that might surprise you about how bad the park has gotten. Here's a picture of the new sign:

(Sorry for the double post!)
I FunChallenged there! Trip report is being written. I also have quite a few pictures of the new Mardi Gras area.
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I'm out of town at the moment and won't be at a desktop until Sunday to share the pictures. I'll just tell you that by Virginia standards, it wasn't anything phenomenal, but for Six Flags it was one of the best areas of the best park. :p
Can't wait! And when ever you go to a SixFlags park you really need to have expectations, noone should ever go in with Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens expectations.
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