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RE: Charlie Brown's All-Stars (2013-Current)

Looky looks like this show is actually based off of a Peanuts episode of the same name. Also, pause it at 0:04--Charlie Brown is in the same position as he is on top of Charlie Brown's Windup (swing ride). Pretty cool. I wonder how many rides are actually based on comics/episodes/stories etc. It's really impressive detailing that they do that and it makes the area that much more special.

By the way, has anyone actually seen this show? I saw it on its second weekend (only its fifth-or-so performance). It wasn't awful for a kid's show. I saw it last weekend (for a bit of it) and it was much better! It had a girl as a lead who actually was a fairly good singer. The kids seem to be mesmerized by it, and it's nice to see KD putting some elaborate entertainment offering out there!
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