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Nov 14, 2009
Williamsburg, VA
We were at the park this morning and noticed that the stockade fence between New France and France had been cut down in size (not removed completed, but like "pruned" down to about half of its original height). All of the New France signs had been removed from it. Interesting...
with it being mid august now it would make more sense that this is something to do with HOS. i can't believe that they would be renovating new france when they got all the stuff about to happen in germany and the fact that there hasnt been any rumors at all about this
Yeah, I don't know if we should expect a full theming change at this point, but there have actually been rumors of changes in New France, including buildings being removed. My guess is that the changes you've noticed will fit with whatever the plans are for HOS, but could also be part of a larger plan regarding New France's future. If you're going to be in the park this weekend, try and grab some pictures. I can't make it out to the park until next week.
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well correct me if im wrong but wasn't that sign changed last year too with HOS?
James said:
well correct me if im wrong but wasn't that sign changed last year too with HOS?

Don't remember, that could very well be the case.
Here's a picture of the entrance to New France I grabbed today:



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Wow that's odd, I doubt they would be doing that much to it. Maybe its just a fresh new look.
I hope it has something to do with Howl-O-Scream, I always like to see the transformation. :) However, I don't get to see it in person. :/
Just checked over last year's pics. The blockade is shorter than last year. I wonder why they would do it. I mean they had the evil specters positioned perfectly last year. New theme anyone??? Oh and here's the pics. Scroll down to about half way. All credit obviously goes to 2009 PICS

I find it odd that the signage is basically non-existent as well. In my gut I feel that New France will most definitely be the country with the first overhaul.
it being transformed into a country doesn't make any sense guys. why would they take the sign away mid season if they were? that would be just stupid since they wouldnt be doing anything else till at the earliest after HOS. its not happening. no permits. no realistic rumors and we are just basing this off of a missing sign. not even that but a shrunk fasade instead of the full wall. ya'll are looking way too much into this and just need to use common sense.
"In my gut I feel that New France will most definitely be the country with the first overhaul." Is not a statement of fact, it is a statement of opinion. No one ever said it was happening, they just said that they thought that it might.
I think the interesting part about this is that they do seem to be "melding" the two countries (France and New France) closer to a single area and what all that means in the big picture. They opened that back path now behind Three Rivers that leads to the Griffon splash area, and now they've all but cut down the gateway that distinctly separated the two and removed the New France signage. It's slow and subtle and may not lead to anything significant, but they they are making changes. As I said, interesting...
LoveDoc and James, I do not think the core group here expects cranes and wrecking balls out in the near future.. with the drop ride and the rumored 2012 "replacement" project in Germany. Why on earth would any park put THAT much on their plate. This post is for speculation- maybe even 5 years down the road. We all want to see New France change and we enjoy playing the "what if" game.

Perhaps your warning goes well to those taking our little conversation here as fact.

I am looking at my speculation this way. BGW knew about the Wolf being removed way earlier than it was announced. If there is a plan waaayy in the future to eventually change the area... why invest big bucks into pushing "New France" when you can do a slight and subtle changes here and there, so when you do announce it; it is no big deal. Makes marketing and fiscal sense.

I mean, how many of us here really think BGW will be doing anything with New France in the next two years? Anyone? Not me.
Oh, no no Nora, I didn't mean anything overly dramatic by my words or anything. I just got a couple PMs seemingly along the lines of "OMG what's going on. Is it this, that or these?" and just wanted to say [overall] - don't get too excited over what's going on. :)

"Marketing sense" - there's so many comments that cold be said about that right now. :D But I digress... I had a whole schpeel here, but figured I'd move it to another thread to not throw this one off. (See News)

All that being said, the area where the New France sign has been going through very slight changes for a few months now. Of course the remote control cars were added where the flower bed used to be, the smaller sign posts (wooden polls next to the kayak) were removed, some piping reworked, flowers placed/replaced and now the sign. There's still a couple more "things" to do over the course of this year, so keep your eyes peeled. :)
LoveDoc.. I bet you could write a novel on "marketing sense" as could I. :D Oh the stories I could write.

My viewpoint is that overtime, if you weed out many of the New France icons and then sort of meld into something else, most people wouldn't even notice it. Many folks (not like us here who love the park to a much greater extent) would almost forget what was even there. Then in one winter break - do a major renovation push and boom - ta da... the plan is revealed!! Most people would walk around and say about a change of New France: .... "boy this looks nice... but wasn't there something there before... I can't remember... oh well.." Sad, but true.

Case in point: Ask someone for directions and walk away. Have someone else go right up to the test subject and ask them to describe the person who they just spoke to. The majority of folks wouldn't even be able to remember even the most basic descriptions like the color of your shirt and hair.

It takes a great deal of work and strategic planning to switch a whole country into something else. (Hastings to Ireland for example) Or to build something new (Italy took four years I believe to build; don't quote me on that). But the planning, the budgeting, the organization of construction... ugh.. not easy or cheap. Although... you should hear my idea for a new ride.... AWESOME... you would love it.

I had no idea you were getting pegged by IM's! No wonder you posted what you did. ;) Now it all makes sense.
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