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Aug 25, 2012
Kings Dominion has a ton of roller coasters, however some have horrible parts to them. If you could change any part of any roller coaster at K.D, what coaster would it be, and what part of it would you change.
I agree with Zach just remove the 3rd heartline roll, replace it with the MCBR that way it's hidden from view then continue it down as if you're lava running down the mountain then bring it back somehow.

Replace the entire 2nd half of Anaconda (after MCBR).

I'd also change pretty much all of hurler after the first drop. A 45 degree banked turn on a wooden coaster is a no. It hurts, and that's all it is.

Another thing is I would change the end of Shockwave. I have no issue with any other part of the ride (that is if I position the seat enough so that I'm not touching the seat and I'm purely standing) There just needs to be some other form of turn around there because that half helix just isn't working.
Ben said:
I could live without most of the loops on Anaconda....

I could live without Anaconda period. :p
But, truthfully, Anaconda's main problem is the butterfly. It's horrible. The loops and corkscrews are at least bearable. That thing, however, has made me hate that ride.
My change: kill the butterfly, add another loop or corkscrew, or at least something so that thing bites the dust.
Wow just so happened to look at your stats Zachary and that post was your 5000! Congrats.

Moving on... It would be cool if the overbank went over top of Rebel Yells Back turns. I'm sure there would be issues with loose objects but I think the forces that the turn would give would keep them in the train until it comes over top of the airtime hill.
Replace the entire second half of Anaconda. It starts off so good and then just does nothing.
pandorazboxx said:
I'd change that first hill on i 305. I hate that blacking out feeling.
You could try closing your eyes on the first turn, but I'm not a big fan of that blacking out feeling either
I always stood by the idea that i305's first turn should've been an overbank. It would shave off some speed, and remove much of the vertical force that the turn pulls on users, and the strain on the track.
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