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Sep 5, 2010
There's been a lot of talk on here recently about several BGWfans being "change haters." I think this is a little unfair.

This thread is for all of those who have been accused of being change-averse to come out and set the record straight. Please, provide a list of changes that have happened at Busch Gardens that you think are great.

I'll go first:

1) Hastings became Killarney. Awesome.
2) DarKastle built. Sweet.
3) Castle O'Sullivan replaced goofy water effect with real person. Way better.
4) Irish Thunder Replaced Emerald Beat (or the other way around). Better.
5) Griffon replaced the Model Ts. Great.
6) Mach Tower built. Good deal.
7) Trapper's Smokehouse set up. B-A.
8) Kinetix v.1 became Kinetix v.2 (with the Chinese hoop jumping). Much better.
9) Churros were added. That's what's up.
10) Illuminights added in the evenings. Cool deal.

How about you guys?
1) I like Curse of DarKastle. A lot.
2) I like that they are replacing BBW & incorporating new features/technology.
3) I love that they took the unused petting zoo land to build a not only a childrens area, but one that uses characters that are educational.
4) I like Christmas Town more than a grown man should.
5) I like the addition of the black-faced sheep & Greer the barn owl.
6) I love that they’re keeping HOS fresh – for years it was always the same themes in the same hamlets from year to year.
7) I like the Ireland re-theme.
8) I like addition of local artisans featured throughout the regular season at Caribou Pottery.
9) I like the life that Mach Tower brought to the end of the bridge; the last few years, it was like approaching a ghost town.
10) I like that New France was chosen as the new home for the catapult – it’s a hamlet that needed love.
1.) I like how the park has added a (somewhat downplayed) version of Soarin'
2.) I like how they have added a junior roller coaster
3.) I like how they have replaced Emerald Beat with Celtic Fyre by adding a clever plot
4.) I like how they have combined a drop tower with a panoramic tower
5.) I like how they put Griffon where the outdated Le Mans was
6.) I like how Coke has replaced Pepsi
7.) I like how some things still haven't changed

That last one is totally opposite the thread. But I still like it! ;)
Though I miss LeMans, I ADORE Griffon!
I love the pretzel shop pretzels!
I like the addition of Christmas Town.
I love Mach Tower.
I like FoF for kids.
I LOVE the Festhaus Kaffee counter service eatery.
I like Mix it up
I like Coke
I like EITA more than Corkscrew Hill
I like Celtic Fyre just as much as Emerald Beat
I like Illuminights, especially the cuckoo clock
I like improvements to the wolf compound and the lines of sight
I like the Forest of Fun
I like the addition of beers from around the world
I like themed weekends (Nasa, Ramp Jam, etc.)
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