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RE: Central Park Fun-Land

At today's Central Park Fun-Land ACE event, Clint Novak, the park's general manager, announced a massive renovation of the left side of the indoor section of the park (picture for reference below).



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RE: Central Park Fun-Land

I just updated Zachary's post to include the name (Twist n' Shout). We had to email the park to verify the correct spelling.

I also added a link to the rock climbing wall company, if anyone is interested in looking at their attractions. Reportedly CP Fun-Land is getting the Stairway to Heaven, a see-through face-to-face wall, and a few other things from the catalog.
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To make our coverage of Central Park Fun-Land parallel how we handle GoKarts Plus, I have created a Central Park Fun-Land section in Kings Dominion's Other Local Attractions subforum that will not display the KD icon in thread listings. Hopefully this makes everything a little more consistent and clear. :)
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