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Resident Rat - They/Them
Sep 3, 2019
VA Beach
On the topic of disgruntled employees:

I’m watching Celtic Fyre right now and this time around the innkeeper was asking people what they would give for a wedding in the pre-show.

One of the guests yelled “a ticket to Busch Gardens!”
To which the Innkeeper replied:” Good one! That man has money that I don’t have.”
May 27, 2011
We were there yesterday- 6:30 show. Yes! Much crowd interaction before the show. People throwing out ideas for wedding gifts. I’d say, quite possibly the best performance that we have seen since my years of seeing this show (since it started). Great energy, talent, technique, performers connection to the crowd.
Not performance related, but the sound engineer need to turn on and turn up the mix of the bodhran player. I could only hear her live playing very little and nothing thru the mix. It’s a shame because it looked like she was playing well and very engaging with the crowd. Her sound was lost and the music needs that drum’s rhythms.
Jan 19, 2015
No shows on the web site after this Sunday. Will this Sunday night be the last show? I thought the final show was usually labor day weekend.
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