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Sep 10, 2012
I don't see the Celtic Dyne as an option anymore. Is it gone? Wow! I was planning on doing this some time in the summer. :(
RE: Celtic Dyne anyone?

I just looked and I can't find it either. Guess I should have taken the opportunity to do it sooner. :(

Anyone want to call the park and confirm?
RE: Celtic Dyne anyone?

Well THAT'S a pisser! Yep...It's officially gone. Elmo has evicted the dancing crew.....
RE: Celtic Dyne anyone?

Elmo is still there CK, don't get your hopes up high for any other plans anytime soon :p
RE: Celtic Dyne anyone?

I say just turn the castle into another "Festhaus" w/open seating, live shows during the day & all you can eat menu. Maybe the reservations required thing turned off a lot of people? Bet you Elmo probably isn't faring that much better than Dyne was.
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RE: Celtic Dyne anyone?

IndyRacingNut said:
Maybe the reservations required thing turned off a lot of people? Bet you Elmo probably isn't faring that much better than Dyne was.

I've been hearing some nasty things out of Entertainment and this sounds a lot like a budget cutting move by Scott's department. By all accounts, Ent has massive funding issues right now- more than likely a direct result of Entwined and Aquitaine spending. I wouldn't be surprised if a good chunk of the theming for the Food & Wine Festival is coming out of Entertainment's pockets as well. And, with what I'm hearing, I wouldn't be surprised to see more cuts in other areas coming down the line soon.

Anyway, I split this discussion off into its own thread in the News section.
RE: Celtic Dyne anyone?

So I guess that means we are stuck with boxes for the event. Hopefully, HOS and CT won't be affected too terribly!
So that means that maybe there will be random water blaster stations positioned throughout the park's pathways now. Look out!!
Interesting, because look at this open position from the website:

Senior Entertainment Coordinator - Company Management
The Company Management Sr. Coordinator in conjunction with senior management, coordinates/leads seasonal cast and crew recruitment, audition, interview, on-boarding, employee satisfaction, and clearing out processes based on strategic plans, operational processes, and financial targets.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
Creates, develops and implements casting and hiring strategies needed to fulfill reparatory style entertainment operations from January through December, including major show productions, atmospheric talent, and strategic events. Leads department onboarding and clearing out processes in collaboration with the human resources department to include: training schedules, housing, relocation and testing required for employment
Implements, sells and locks in over 1000 annual cast and crew offers of employment including all product detail downloads, product fit techniques, negotiations, and personal conflict resolutions. Based on department goals and objectives, coordinates and maintains the practical needs of our casts and crews including our employee satisfaction program and evaluation processes
Participates in all departmental leadership meetings and presents company management updates
Supports all entertainment products as needed and performs other duties as assigned
Candidates with the following qualifications will be considered:

3 to 4 years practical experience in Theatre Arts Management preferred
Familiarity with all aspects of entertainment specifically company management
Valid Driver's license
BA in Theatre or related field preferred
Communication, people, and problem solving skills combined with Computer, MS Office skills
Click here to apply for this position.

Busch Gardens is an equal opportunity employer and supports a safe and drug free workplace.
WoW!! Let's not jump the gun just yet here. This might really suck for HOS & CT if this is what it looks like.

If you click the APPLY button on the site, this pops up:

"Position No Longer available
The position that you are seeking to apply is no longer available."
We tried to sign up for Celtic Dyne on several occasions both this year and last year and in each instance, the event was cancelled due to lack of reservations. It just doesn't do well during slower attendance periods.
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Howl O Scream and Christmas Town.

For the record, Celtic Dine is still being advertised on the queue TVs, so it might just be a temporary thing until the season heats up again.

If Entertainment is really that low on funding, I can think of a pretty pooor summer event involving tacky decorations, corny shows, and fireworks that they could cut back on.
As of last Sunday, the park still plays Celtic Dine commercials on the queue TVs, so It's definitely advertised. They usually remove the commercials after the event's run is finished, so I guess we'll find out if it's run is really over next weekend.
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