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Jul 7, 2010
Just saw this on the Busch Gardens FB page:

"New in 2011 – Celtic Dyne. Enjoy an authentic Irish dinner with live music, dancing and singing performed by the cast of Celtic Fyre. Celtic Dine inside Castle O’Sullivan includes a private, unique performance during your meal you can’t find anywhere else and the opportunity to chat with the talented performers. Who’s interested?"

I'm guessing they're going to have this periodically in the Abbey Stone Theatre. I seriously doubt they would move the set and all show production equiptment to Castle O'Sullivan and do the show and the "dyning" experience there. Also I, sadly, don't think that Elmo and the Cookie Monster are being evicted. I'm just guessing that they'll cart over some food from the buffet at O'Sully's and just put it on the front row tables.

Aside from that, it sounds like a great addition. Now of course, if this were to go mainstream in Ireland, ala Festhaus, it would probably work better, but I guess what makes the park more money makes financiers happy.

This will actually be in Castle O'Sullivan and will share the venue with Elmo. Confirmed by the park and Behind the Thrills earlier.
Wow, should be interesting to see how they create transient theming for the theatre. Confetti and streamers for Elmo, and old Inn abode for another. What I fear is that there won't be any theming for a day-to-day changeover.

Yeah, not sure how it will work, maybe Elmo at breakfast and Celtic Dyne at dinner.
Sorry, day-to-day was a generalization. I meant what you meant. I don't know, technically the inside looks like an old abandoned home/Inn. I guess it could work.

It just dawned on me that the park is using this building for EVERYTHING it's worth. I mean: Katapult, Irish Show, Elmo Show/Elmo Dinner, Santa Show/Santa Dinner, Irish Dance Demonstration/Irish Dinner(I'm forgetting one other thing it hosted, but I can't remember what). If only the building could come full circle one day and host an indoor themed ride. One can dream right?

Forgot all about this. But they have a link on their website now:

If you go by April 29th, you get a free photo package. It's $28 and looks like it's usually once a day, about 6pm or 7pm. Might have to do this when I get back.
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