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RE: O Tannenbaum (Christmas Town 2011)

This was my favorite show because I always like a good technical achievement and none of the music had lyrics, which makes Christmas music that much more tolerable.
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RE: O Tannenbaum (Christmas Town 2011)

You want tolerable? Watch videos from the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Lights.

The show was rather neat but the placement of the tree is not. An emptying Festhaus after a show + the anklebiter operating moms just outside making sure to take twenty pictures of little Johnny and Susie in front of the tree made it a nightmare to move in the area.
RE: O Tannenbaum (Christmas Town 2011)

...that would be an even bigger choke point...
RE: O Tannenbaum (Christmas Town 2011)

Use the side as an exit point vs making people wait in line to enter at that point.
O Tannenbaum 2012

- I guess it is the same formula as last year. Music, lights & a giant Christmas tree.
- It is only about 7 minutes long and seems to play at the top and bottom of every hour. You can't miss it.
- It is outside. Find a heater if you get cold easily.
- Is it still a choke-point?
- Apparently the newly-painted white ring around the tree will ruin your clothes if you sit on it.
- If you are sitting on the benches on the right side, facing the Festhaus, the speakers are loud and powerful enough to vibrate your seat, and therefor your bottom.:cool:

O Tannenbaum is a quick, fun experience. Hard to miss it, but wouldn't go out of my way for it.
This show is definitely a choke point, especially on busy days like last Friday. A huge crowd basically gathers around the tree clogging up virtually every path leading toward the Festhaus. Not only that, it totally backs up traffic on the pathway to about halfway past the benches and food stands. It doesn't help that everyone with a stroller/wheelchair has to be in that area during the show.

I'd probably recommend seeing the show on a day where temperatures are low so that you don't have to deal with huge crowds.

I've only seen bits and pieces of the show so far. It's basically your average Christmas light choreographed show that you see on Youtube, just with a tree instead of a full-fledged house. It would be awesome if they switched out the music for some Trans-Siberian Orchestra though. I can't get enough of them. :p
I said this in 09' and I'll say it again. O Tannenbaum is great (though it definitely is time for a new orchestration), but seriously, why in the HECK does the World's Most Beautiful Theme Park not have a large real tree lit up somewhere in the park? I understand the need for some big spectacle since it is one of the more open parts of the park, but really, like come on.

Rant over - sorry, whenever someone raves about the show I get a little peeved about the hypocrisy of its name.

^ I get what you're saying. But it's not like this tree is dancing to music the whole night. It just does 2 7 min shows an hour. So 75% of the time its just a majestic Christmas tree for people to look at.
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Talking about the Christmas Tree in another thread and I thought I would share a view most have not seen. This is technically an area not open to the public but I am willing to post it for a couple of reasons.
1. I am no longer employed with the park and am not looking to return in the foreseeable future.
2. I approached the social media team about posting these same pictures in the blog, they loved the idea but never got posted.
3. And these were in 2012 so a few years old.

These are pictures of the inside and outside of the tree taken during the day in 2012. Also the last two pictures are where the power for the tree connects to. It is on the backside of Curse of Darkastle in the backstage area.


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I really think it's time for BG to put some serious thought into replacing O Tannenbaum, or at least a full renovation. There are way too many sections and light strings not functioning not only on the main tree but also on the flanking trees. Several of flanking trees have missing and/or damaged toppers.
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I have said for the past few years that Busch needs to start adding new songs and programs. The possibilities with those Light o Rama controllers are endless. I use the exact same ones for my home display, yes its time consuming but rewarding when a beautiful show comes together.
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