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Oct 7, 2011
Virginia Beach
At 5:00PM this evening, my most ambitious cinematic video will be published to my YouTube channel. I've toiled on this video for about three weeks or so, and am finally proud to share this as my cinematic coasters video of America's Roller Coast.

Cedar Point's Steel Giants - Cinematic Roller Coasters

I know I missed a bunch of coasters, but I only filmed a lot of shots of the most notable coasters. Also, please don't crucify me for not having any shots of Magnum, I was rarely in that part of the park and never got a worthy shot of it :(

As a quick run down of some of my favorite rides there:
Maverick - It's my new favorite coaster. It packs so many different elements in one complete, intense package. It's themed decently, provides great ejector airtime, fast launches, tight transitions, and a really smooth ride. It's everything I could ask for in a coaster.
Millennium Force - This coaster doesn't deserve the hate it gets. It's fast, smooth, has airtime that dwarfs that of the standard B&M hyper, and does all of this while providing a long ride through and over the treetops.
Gatekeeper - Is it forceless? Basically. Is it an awesome ride? Definitely. I loved Gatekeeper, it was such a fantastic experience in the front row on the last train of the night during a spectacular summer sunset. Very smooth and graceful.
Top Thrill Dragster - Loved everything about it except the length. I didn't feel it was fair to compare it to other coasters simply because there isn't enough substance to TTD.
Valravn - It was a good, fun dive coaster, but the vests kill a lot of the potential floating that happens on Griffon. I'd still rank it above Griffon because the layout isn't as repetitive and its a longer ride, but the actual diving wasn't as pronounced. The view, however, was terrific.
Raptor - A really fast paced B&M invert with snappy transitions and great forces. While I didn't appreciate the headbang the corkscrews provided, the rest of the coaster was a ton of fun.
Rougarou - I actually liked this a lot more than I expected to. It wasn't rough in my experience, it shuffled at the bottom of the dive loop and through the corkscrew, but it was pretty smooth otherwise. I would rank it above Dominator; I really liked the twisting transitions.
Magnum - I didn't really get the hype. It was fun I guess, but it was terribly uneventful. The coathangered arrow transitions that start banking about 100 yard too soon didn't help either.
Wicked Twister - Rode it in the back row; every launch made it progressively more rattley. I'm sure its fine in the front, but I wasn't sticking around to test that theory.
Skyhawk - Best. Flat. Ever.

EDIT: Please please please leave feedback with regards to the video! It helps me to improve next time I do something like this!
Thanks guys! I actually emailed Tony Clark with a link to the video and a short explanation of, but I haven't received a response yet. :(

I'm sure if enough people shared it with the park via social media they'd see it! ;)
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Holy shit, dude. That was incredible. Your timing, movements, angles... everything is perfection. You should seriously be getting paid to do this stuff.
Very well done Trevor. I have never visited Cedar Point and your video makes me really question myself as to why I haven't been there. Way more exciting than any Cedar Fair advertisement that I've ever seen.
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