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Apr 9, 2013
Inspired by the “American Pickers” reality television show, a pair of collectors is scouring Europe for classic rides to bring back to Cedar Fair amusement parks in the United States and Canada.

The duo was sent on the continent-spanning scavenger hunt by Cedar Fair Chief Executive Matt Ouimet, a former Disneyland president who is hoping the refurbished family rides will add a nostalgic atmosphere to the chain’s 11 amusement parks.

“We believe that we can bring some classic rides back to the parks, maybe that were there years before,” Ouimet said.

Ouimet is hoping parents will remember the rides from their youth and want to introduce their children to the vintage attractions.

“They will be very recognizable rides,” Ouimet said. “It’s playing to nostalgia and just having fun.”

The continental fun hunters will be primarily looking for what’s known in the industry as flat rides - typically spinning rides that travel near the ground and/or rise up into the air.

Flat rides are the connective tissue that hold amusement parks together, like the glue  between the mega coasters and big thrill machines. Their whirring sounds and kaleidoscopic visuals add a kinetic energy to any park, bringing static scenes to life and animating the memories of both first-time and longtime visitors.
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This sounds really cool! I just went on several classic flats at Wonderland Park, Kennywood, and Idlewild. They were fantastic.
This is so cool! I hope they have success and can bring back s Bayern Kurve along with a Rotor for KD.
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Though, the article was pointing at gathering classic old rides for the whole park chain; Most of what I commented on, in the KD rumor thread, was based the impact this could have on Kings Dominion. (I believe this was due to the 1st article link being on the KD rumors page?)

I think this would be a great direction for Cedar Fair to take. Depending on the number and condition of the rides found, I feel we could see a variety of classic rides installed at Cedar Fair parks over the next 2-3 years.

Matt Quimet did say they were trying to find rides that were once in the individual parks and hopefully re-install them there. These classic rides usually don't have very restrictive requirements to ride. So, these are additional rides the whole family can participate in. In addition the forces on these attractions don't cause "Brain Hemorrhages" when riding. (Like some other rides feel like when I get off the ride).
The LA Times has a followup article on the results of the used flat ride scavenger hunt by Cedar Fair. They are bringing back 7 flat rides from "The Old Country". Two of the flats are going to Worlds of Fun and will be open for summer 2016. The other 5 flat rides are all going to Carowinds. I am not sure that they will be operational for this year or if they are for Carowinds 2017 season.

I wonder about the timing of this article. CarowindsConnection fan site reported seeing a Mondial Top Scan ride sitting under the Fury 305 lift hill back in late October or early November. Seems Cedar Fair wanted to get ahead of the competition in searching out for used flats. The Cedar Fair folks stated that they were heading to Japan this month to do the same thing. Given the timing and release of that info by CF, my guess is that they are already in Japan looking or are on their way back. ;-P

One ride Cedar Fair is still looking for is a Schwarzkopf Enterprise. Why do I get the feeling that ride has Kings Dominion written all over it. :cool:

Results of the Cedar Fair flat ride scavenger hunt in Europe
They should install one of these at KD!  

They can call it Wardrobe Malfunction: The Ride! :D

Nicole said:
Honestly, that doesn't even look fun.

Oh, it looks like a torture device! I wouldn't ride it!

But if it's gonna strip riders like that girl, wouldn't that make for good entertainment on the midway? LOL
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