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Nov 1, 2012
I thought I would open a thread on general themes / trends going on for the 2020 season across the Cedar Fair chain. This could anything from attractions, events, food, and entertainment. This thread is more for topics/comments about two or more CF parks for 2020. (Moderators, if you feel there is another thread for this, please feel free to merge this into it).

As the CF parks are starting to give attraction hints and closure notices for 2020, I've noticed that 4 of the parks are expanding or removing/adding attractions in their water parks. So far, I've seen the following:
  • Dorney Park - Removal of their existing water playhouse (Older/smaller version KD's Splash House). To be replaced by new kids water activity pad and/or structure in 2020 (no details at this time).
  • Worlds of Fun - Removal of their Diamond Head Body Slide tower. To be replaced with new unknown water attraction(s) in 2020.
  • Kings Dominion - Removal of Big Wave Bay. To be replaced with new unknown water attraction(s) in 2020.
  • California's Great Adventure - New slide tower in water park expansion. Unknown at this time if any other attractions included for 2020.
It appears that 2020 is the year of water park attractions at Cedar Fair parks. Makes me wonder if CF corporate is placing focus on water park attractions with the purchase of the Schlitterbahn parks?
They did say that in their quarterly earnings cakk that they would be investing $12-15 million each year for the next 3 years in order to bring the Schlitterbahn parks in line with the rest of the company.

I imagine the other water park additions were mostly planned before the Schlitt purchase, and the removals were mostly planned.
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I was just thinking about CF making changes/additions to 4 water parks for the upcoming operating season. I know they have done water park additions for 1-2 parks in a season. But, never this many at one time.

CF's strategic planning over the last 6-8 years has changed so frequently, that I am getting whiplash. ? I think, within that same time-frame, the chain sold off their last 2 stand-alone water parks (Geauga Lake and the water park in San Diego); only to buy the Schlitterbahn parks! (2 of them anyway)
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