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Nov 1, 2012
The NewsPlusNotes web site: had a very nice write-up of the 2013 2nd quarter results / CEO discussion from Cedar Fair. The final part of the CEO discussion were the plans for new attractions for the park chain in 2014.

One non-ride item was the "Cash Free" wristbands that were piloted at Dorney park in PA this year. (You purchase a band with a pre-set amount of money and use that band to pay for food & merchandise. (Not sure if this wristband could be accepted for games and carts; or, if you can replenish the amount on the wristband). Anyway, Matt Ouimet was pleased with the results and said they would be rolling this out on a "modified" basis to other parks in the chain next year.

We now know that Kings Island is receiving a 7-inversion, B&M inverted coaster named "Banshee" for 2014. (Course, the ride anouncement did not happen until after the 2nd quarter results / CEO discussion. So nothing was mentioned during the meeting).

Kings Island is supposedly the only Cedar Fair park to get a coaster for 2014. If Cedar Fair is budgeting the same amount of money for capital investment across the chain for 2014 as they did for 2013 that could mean an extra 15-20 million dollars to spread out amongst the rest of the parks. Below, I quoted what was taken from the CEO discussion for 2014.

Last but not least - he made mention of some new attractions that will open at the Cedar Fair parks next year including:

• Family rides at several of the parks
• An "innovating interactive dark ride" that they expect to set new standards in the industry
• Water Park expansions
• Renovations of legacy attractions a la Timber Mountain at Knott's
• An "expansive" set of new live entertainment shows at the parks

I've heard rumors that the dark ride is going to be for Cedar Point.

The water park expansions are what perked my ears up concerning Kings Dominion. That has been the "dark horse" attraction possibility for the last couple of seasons at KD. I would not be surprised if that happens at KD for 2014.
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