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Jun 16, 2013
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"Hello Abitha, are you churning butter again?"
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"You butter believe it! *Insert a ridiculously placed laugh track*"

On a more serious note, what about colonial life screams sitcom?

It's not about colonial life it's about people working in a tourist park that is colonial themed. Trust me any job where you are dealing with the general public in a customer service environment has the potential for ENDLESS comedic moments. Examples of this actually call I took st on Thanksgiving day "do I need to remove the plastic packaging and wrapper before putting the Turkey in the oven to cook?"

On a serious note I hope that they possibly shot at least some external seems in town it was always fun when Turn was shooting in town.
Apr 1, 2010
Let see, having been in this 18th century situation, the general public questions most asked are:

"Is that fire real?" "Do you sleep in those tents?" "What time is the one o'clock battle?" "Why are you dressed like a pirate?" "Are you with the South or the North?" (Wrong war. Thanks for paying attention in grade school.) "Are those clothes hot?" (Yes, three layers of wool in Williamsburg's 104 degree heat index IS hot.) "Who makes your costumes?" (They are uniforms and clothes just like yours, only 240 years old.) "Can I play your flute?" (That, Sir, is a fife. And no.) "Can you talk in British?" (Yes my dear. I speak the King's English, just like you do.)

Then there are actions:

Whipping open your tent whilst you are changing clothes. Removing items from you tent to try on or play with. Posing in the middle of the street for a selfie while 150 men with bayonets march toward you. Attempt to take a musket or sword from your hand to look at. Asking the fife and drum corp to play Freebird. Taking a piece of bread out of you hand as it approaches your mouth - to take a pretend picture of them eating it. Standing in front of a loaded canon waiting to take a picture of it going off.

SO much more stupidity I could write a book.
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